I wanted to work out, not get worked up!

I was really excited to get home from work yesterday, since it was the first day in the loooooong time that I was going to the gym! (I don’t even want to tell you the last time I was at the gym…. ok it was May. I suck.) So, I get off the train, begin the walk to my car, and as I approach my car from around the corner, I notice something…strange.

My thought process kind of went like this:
“What is that big, black thing on my car? Is that part of my car? Is it on the fence in front of my car?” And then I saw it…

The big, black thing was actually a HOLE IN MY CAR!!! Nice to come home to, right? I’m surprised I didn’t bust out crying, but I guess I was too much in shock. I called Dave, who was already on his way to the gym, so he didn’t have his phone. I took pictures of everything, and then found a note on my windshield that read, “A police report was filed for you” and then the precinct number. So at least there was that.

The way the car was hit, the person had to have jumped the curb. That part of my car was on the inner side of the sidewalk, so no straightforward hit from behind would have caused that kind of damage.

I wound up going to the gym as planned, since there was nothing I could do for my car at that point anyway. (And I got in a really good workout! I’m excited to go back.) We called the precinct after we were done, but the report hadn’t come in yet, so we’re going to go tonight to see what they have on it.

Sigh. I’m at least thankful that my car still works, and I wasn’t in the car when it happened. Things could be worse!


  1. Ugh. That happened to me last year after a snow/ice storm. Fortunately the person left me a note with their info but I was livid! My car was undriveable and I was just incredibly angry. I hope this gets resolved quickly for you! I know how it feels. At least hooray for gym ammo, right?=)

  2. UGH! That's happened to me twice in two years. neither person left a note and i don't have full coverage on my car… so i'm sure you can imagine what it looks like by now. ๐Ÿ™ sucks.

  3. WOW! I can't even imagine what I would do if that happened to me. I'd be PISSED! But you're right, lucky you weren't IN the car. Kudos to you for still going to gym! You definitely had a good reason to skip it.

  4. Ohh that's terrible! I am glad someone at least tried to be responsible- I mena, accidents happen, that I understand, but a hit and run is so cowardly! I hope they have the person's info so they fix it for you!
    And- I am happy to hear you were not in the car- whew!

  5. The Novelista Barista says

    omg that sucks ๐Ÿ™

  6. carissajaded says

    Girl that really blows! I'm sorry that happened to you! But major props for keepin on keepin on and working out anyway. I would have definitely used that as an excuse for a cheeseburger…

  7. I'm with Carissa – I'd have comfort ate to make up for that shock, good for you still going to the gym!

  8. ugh that sucks, but at least there was a report filed for you and not just a hit and run.

  9. The Brooklyn Boy says

    Yo that was the weak sauce. Lucky the report was in though – hope you get some kind of insurance kickback. I had my driver's side mirror knocked off (getting it fixed this week, hopefully) and though someone left a note, there was no contact info, so I ended up SOL when the examiner determined the other person's vehicle (an SUV!) showed no signs of damage. Oof.

  10. Yikes! That's horrible! I find that my best workouts are when I'm really, really upset. Helps to pound it out on the treadmill!

  11. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    Omg that sucks so bad ๐Ÿ™ Sorry to hear that! So did the person file the police report or someone else did? I came home to a similar incident with my car a few winters ago but the person left a note, thank god!

  12. Woah! That's crazy! I am surprised someone left a note and called the police. Now that's something to be thankful for!

  13. oh my gosh how awful! But you have such a great attitude about it so there is that…

  14. Ugh that sucks! I'm so sorry! But you are my hear for a) still going to the gym, and b) having such a great attitude about it. Keep us posted!

  15. Valley Girl says

    Oh, no! I'm so sorry, hun.

  16. Oh no, that sucks! But the note almost seems cryptic. Who filed the police report? The person who hit you? A witness? I'm so confused.

  17. Thats bullshit!! I hope someone got the liscence (I have no clue how to spell that word right now) plate number.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Lacey Bean.

  18. What a horrible thing to come home to! I would have had epic rage! I hope it all gets fixed, as that is an almighty dent! Also, I find it worrying that someone who is that bad at driving may be on the road still!

  19. The most important thing is that youre ok!! Im sorry that happened. It never feels good to get into an accident. Hope your holiday is better lovey… xxooo

  20. great attitude!

  21. That would have been my get out of the gym free card. Good luck with your car, happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Oh my! I would have flipped out! I think it was a good thing that you went to the gym after. I am so so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Although, there are two good things…1. There is a police report and 2. You were not in there.
    I hope everything works out sweetie! Take care!

  23. walkingonsunshine18 says

    Wow, it's awesome that you have such a positive attitude about everything! I would have been livid but at least there was a note and a number, so that's good!

  24. OMG I WOULD WANNA HIT THE PERSON. But I'm glad you're okay and face it with calm and composure. I hope everything turns out well and you get the car fixed all normal again ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ugh, that's awful to come home to! im so sorry. i hope you get it all worked out and insurance covers it all with no hassle!

  26. Ouch! That sucks! Still, I'm completely impressed that someone actually left a note!

  27. Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers says

    UGHH so frustrating!

  28. Non Sequitur Chica says

    Oh no that stinks!!! But I love that you have a good attitude about it….things COULD be worse. Your car could be totaled, you could have been in the car, etc.

  29. nicoleantoinette says

    God, car stuff like this sucks SO MUCH. Because even if it's "not that bad," it's still horribly expensive and annoying and expensive. I am all kinds of upset about this for you. Stab stab stab.


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