"That thong th thong thong thong!"

Ever since I got to work this morning I’ve been trying to figure out what this weird bump under my jeans was, by my left knee.

Finally went to the bathroom to inspect.

I’ve been walking around all day with a dirty thong tucked into my pants leg.

Have fun with that one.

All I have to say is thank god for skinny jeans and boots, cause there was NO WAY it could have gotten out by itself.

And I need to stop leaving my dirty laundry on the floor.

I think I’m going to listen to the “Thong Song” on my iPod now.


  1. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    Omg. That is HILARIOUS! The worst I've ever had happen was a pair of panties stuck to my sweater when I went to get groceries. I quickly pulled them off my shoulder and tucked them in my purse. In the middle of the grocery store! Haha

  2. I've definitely pulled a clean thong out of my pants leg at work before. Never dirty though. You win. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I can totally imagine this one happening to me!

  5. ๐Ÿ˜€ oopsie

  6. Ha.
    This made me laugh right out loud which is a very difficult feat for a work day =)

  7. LOL!!! Thank you for the laugh!!!

  8. Totally had that happen to me before! You're not alone, don't worry ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. nicoleantoinette says

    This is equal parts incredible and totally disgusting. Perfect combo, lady.

  10. HAHAHA! THAT is hysterical!!! Unfortunately I am all too familiar with this myself. Only last week I did an entire kickboxing class with the second pair in my spandex…i am sooooo glad they didn't fall out!

  11. WOW.

  12. hahahaha… that's hilarious.

  13. Hahahaahaha that is hysterical and has totally happened to me before but luckily I noticed before I left the house!

  14. Geez Lacey, that's hilarious. I can't believe you didn't notice it earlier. Go get your Sisquo on.

  15. I have totally done this before! Nothing like pulling dirty underwear out of your pant leg in the middle of your preschool class.

  16. Omg that is freaking hilarious!! I think you just made my day.

  17. Lol that's so awkward! Thankfully it didn't get out while you were in an important meeting or in the lobby lol I call it skinny jeans miracle :p

  18. Samantha Rose... says

    Oh goodness.

  19. That is AWESOME. And I know. I've so done that.

  20. priceless & hilarious

  21. That just made the tea I was drinking come out my nose.

  22. Little Match Girl says

    Awesome! I literally laughed out loud in my office when I read that.

  23. Hysterical!! This has totally happened to me before, too. Except dress pants and church. Yikes.

  24. haha that is hilarious. good thing it didn't just fall out on its own.

  25. I didn't know that actually happened to real people! Thank goodness for the boots!

  26. that is hilarious! good story.

  27. How bad is this. That has happened to me more than once. Guess I need to wash my jeans more often. Ah ha ha


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