"I’m So Excited!!! I’m so…. Scared!!!"

Unlike the last two Halloweens, Dave and I really didn’t do anything this year. On Friday my office had its usual crazy party, but I chose to take a “sick day” and sleep in instead. And see one of my Bridesmaids Annie for delicious lunch at Panera. That night Dave had a party, and so I finally dressed up for the holiday. Wanna know what we were?

BEST SAVED BY THE BELL EPISODE EVER!! So, I was “Caffeine Pill Jessie Spano” and Dave was Zack Morris. I pretty much wore what she’s wearing in the clip, down to the big bow on my head, and Dave wore tight jeans, a bright t-shirt under a button down, and a blazer. I sadly don’t have any pictures of us, but I did take a picture of our AWESOME homemade props:

I spelled “caffeine” wrong on the bottle… don’t judge me I made these in half an hour!

That’s Dave’s “Zack” cell phone, made out of a tissue box, straws, and duct tape. And on the right is my pill bottle, made out of an empty oatmeal container, construction paper, and some sweet printing skills. I also added a handle to the back of it, so it doubled as my purse!

I don’t know why I wasn’t super into Halloween this year like I normally am. Oh well. I was just kind of over it before it even began. Saturday night we spent in, handing out candy and trying to non-creepily lure kids to our apartment to trick-or-treat. (I had to make a sign with an arrow pointing down our stairs to make them realize we were handing out candy!)

BUT I already have an idea for next year’s costumes! Let’s just say they are AWESOME, and even Dave is excited. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. carissajaded says

    What a great idea! I lovvvve the huge cell phone! And you're right, that IS the best episode ever!

  2. Greatest episode of ALL TIME!

  3. I'm so sad that you didn't take any pictures of this. Love the pill bottle though ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this episode and Dan loves it when I recreate it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Seriously BEST EPISODE EVER.

    Why no pics?!

  5. That Kind of Girl says

    AMAZING costume idea. Although the phone looks a little small to be an authetic Zack Morris accessory…

    Hope you got to spend the night shooting out zingers like: "Jessie, those pills are dangerous!" "Yeah, well so is geometry!"

  6. This year's costumes were already fantastic, so I can only imagine how great next year's will be! Can't wait!

  7. that's an awesome costume idea, love the props too, so funny. and don't worry i always misspell caffeine.

  8. Awesome AWESOME costume idea!!!!

  9. THAT is brilliant!

  10. OMG when I saw that clip I screamed BEST SAVED BY THE BELL EVER…and then I saw you posted that phrase underneath it. We are now brain twins.

  11. ha that is such a creative idea!!
    very cool!

  12. Ha, I can hear Spano saying that quote out loud. What a show.

    Even better costume and amazing props!

  13. Loving Life says

    LOVE IT!!! As soon as I read the Subject of this post I started LOL!!!!

  14. those are amazing.. haha!!

  15. Awesome costumes!!! You are way more creative than myself!

  16. So awesome! That was the best television episode about drugs EVER.

  17. alexa - cleveland's a plum says

    i demand pics!!

  18. you guys are brilliant.

  19. You're so creative! I like the cellphone, so nineties ๐Ÿ™‚ and your costume as well. I'm sure next year your costume will be more awesome..

  20. convincemedc says

    such a cool idea, wish I had thought of it myself! I wonder what other classic TV characters would lend themselves to Halloween?

  21. OMG THERE ARE NO PICTURES???? Lacey! First, great costume idea. I love the pill bottle and phone, you guys looked awesome I'm sure.

  22. What a great costume idea! I would have loved to seen a picture!

  23. You two are so cute and creative! AWESOME costume idea!!

  24. nice blog!

  25. Children of the 90s says

    This is AMAZING. I love it! The pill bottle is a great touch.

  26. Love love love the giant cell. Freaking hysterical!


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