Wedding Dream Woes

When I would hear of other brides having wedding nightmares, I used to think they were nuts. Now that I’ve had my THIRD wedding dream/nightmare, I take it back. My first dream was chronicled here. The second, I don’t think I mentioned, but it basically involved my wedding dress being this ugly purple monstrosity, kind of like the below:

Lovely, right?

The dream that I had last night, was awful! It was a jumble of different things, having to do with the following:

– The rooms weren’t set up in time for the wedding to start. For an event planner like myself, this was horrifying. Tables weren’t skirted, food wasn’t out, people were just milling about, etc.

– During the ceremony, it was super crowded, and Dave and I had our backs to everyone the whole time. Weird.

– I was VERY late in getting to the wedding. I don’t know why, but I was rushing around frantically because I was going to be so late.

– Dave was wearing a blue jacket, and red shirt and tie. WTF? In real life, he’ll be wearing black on black with a purple tie, so I have no idea why it was so different in my dream.

– People that weren’t invited showed up. Like kids who go to Dave’s shows.

Those were just a few things that happened during the dream, which kept waking me up all night. I really just remember feeling extremely frantic and uncomfortable. with T-5 months left to go, I wonder how many more dreams I’ll have? Are they all going to be about things going wrong? I think it’s interesting that I’m having these dreams, because I don’t stress about the wedding too often (only once in awhile). Maybe my subconscious is stressing for me?



  1. ugh I have wedding nightmares all the time too. If you ever wanna compare sometime let me know. it helps to know I'm not alone, I thought I was nuts!

  2. I think that purple dress would be so lovely on you…! 🙂

  3. I didn't stress about my wedding that much but I had these dreams too. They were directly in line with how much planning I'd completed. So as the details got taken care of they progressed mostly to vendors not showing up, me being late, etc. Totally normal!

  4. Children of the 90s says

    Haha, that purple dress is crazy! I always get stress nightmares when I'm working hard on putting something together, too.

  5. Lisa-Marie says

    I had a few. My worst by far was that I turned up and walked down the aisle, and when we got to the D0 you lisa' bit, they said someone elses name, and I handn't been registered to be married! It was awful!

  6. alyndabear says

    I've already had one or two random dreams and I'm still miles away yet. I think it's based on what I am thinking about just before I fall asleep – which would be natural.

    I think you could totally rock the purple dress, Lacey. 😉

  7. theycallmecurlysue says

    Awh, but you could be the purple princess! HAHA j/k Yeah, that's pretty awful looking. I haven't had any yet. Currently I'm thinking about the honeymoon because we have NO idea where to go. I just wrote about it actually….check out where my mother suggested we go!

  8. I had a TON of wedding nightmares! Luckily, nothing that happened in my dream happened during the wedding!

  9. Non Sequitur Chica says

    Surprisingly, I had a few wedding nightmares but they were all months before the wedding (the reception was ugly, I was late, etc), but they stopped fairly early on.

    So why not the purple dress? 😉

  10. I think you have these dreams because you have everything so well taken care of in real life. This is just your brain's way of showing you the other side of things maybe? Either way, that is really frustrating

  11. i had my first wedding nightmare recently and basically we forgot to invite people and no one came and nothing got set up, it was pretty stressful.

  12. It's been a long time since my wedding nightmares, but now I have a slew of baby nightmares to deal with. Fun times for all!

  13. I'm not there yet, but I can relate to dreams where you are running late. For some reason I have those all the time and I wake up so stressed.

  14. Suburban Sweetheart says

    I don't think there's anything wrong with that purple dress.

    What? WHAT?

    OK, fine. It's gross.

  15. Well I can't say that I have wedding nightmares but I do believe that often our dreams are the way our brain deals with things we don't always acknowledge. Probably just some subtle fears working their way through your system. I hope that they don't continue for the next five months!

  16. Yeah I don't have these nightmares but that dress…is definitely….interesting

  17. I had one wedding dream already and I woke up in a panic. I wasn't ready, I didn't have any make up on, the room wasn't ready, I hadn't done any of the things I needed to do. And then it got totally weird and people started attacking the reception hall and we had to baracade ourselves in….very odd!

  18. I linked to this post today! Seriously, I had a wedding nightmare in which I was wearing a scarily similar purple (and gold) dress. And nothing was organized and the aisle I walked down was a massive HILL.

    It was weird. And I'm not even engaged!

  19. Wearing Mascara says

    I honestly think that once it gets closer, you will have more positive dreams 🙂

  20. Everyone has wedding nightmares before their big day. I still do sometimes. Even though my hubby was late on our wedding day, everything was perfect.

    Good luck, everything will be great for you. 🙂


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