You know you had a good weekend…

…when there is bull riding involved. This weekend was Arielle‘s birthday, and she celebrated with our friend Julie at Mason Dixon. Besides sucking down sweet tea vodka like my life depended on it, I dominated the bull.

PA250010 PA250018
Dave tried to dominate as well

Guys, I lasted for SO LONG. It was hilarious, and Nicole doesn’t believe me when I said I had never done it before. Bull riding was also something that is on my (yet to be published) Life List, so I’m excited to cross that off.

Also, this is off topic but at the bar, I had probably one of the worst getting hit on experiences I’ve ever had. I was talking to one of our friends when I feel someone GRAB at my purse. I reel around and there is a guy, I guess trying to flirt with me? I warned him that you do NOT grab a girl’s bag, especially in New York, cause I may have hit him! His friend is then trying to tell me that he thinks he likes me, and I say that’s nice, thanks, but you don’t do that! He then (the bag grabber) pulls me towards him by the waistband of my jeans, and tries to twirl me around. At this point, I stop him, say honey thank you, I appreciate it, but I’m getting married and he says “I don’t believe you”. Really? REALLY? So I flash my left hand in front of his face, and am like, hello?? What don’t you believe now?? Flash forward 5 minutes and I feel a swat on my butt, it’s the same d-bag, and he’s hit me with his umbrella. My friend cracked up as I just stared at him, palm raised, and said, “Don’t!” Flash forward AGAIN and he’s hitting on Arielle, I warn her who he is and she get’s it, and THEN a friend of hers walks over, taps the guy on the shoulder and says “we’re friends.” Turns out they had made out earlier in the night. HAHAHA. So, note to guys? Check who you hit on… girls tend to travel in packs, and yes, we talk.

And of course, for your viewing pleasure, is me riding the bull. Please ignore my THONG. Note to future mechanical bull riders – make sure your shirt is tucked in. Or wear a longer shirt. That is all.


  1. Lindsey Marie says

    hahaha i love when guys realize they just hit on someone who is friends with someone else they just hit on. it's fantastic.

    almost as fantastic as your bull-riding abilities. i'm jealous.

  2. Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers says

    I have always wanted to try that! So much fun!

  3. I have never ridden a bull before, but now I kind of think I have to. Oh, and I had an awful being-hit-on experience this summer when I finally ended up yelling at the guy.

  4. theycallmecurlysue says

    Go you on the bull! I've always wanted to do that. As for the guy, um, yeah, he would have got it in the nuts for smacking me on the ass. A-hole. Why are men so stupid sometimes?

  5. You kicked ass on that bull! You go girl!

  6. You kicked ass on that bull! You go girl!

  7. wow!!! you have guts… i could never hahaha… and i hate people who hit on people, grrrr.. how was girls nite out?? xxxoo

  8. That Kind of Girl says

    Dude, you are in all seriousness and legit and epic mechanical bull-rider.

    Unlike my best friend: when we went for the first time (to check it off the life list), I pulled the guy aside and told him to go easy on her, so as not to hurt her confidence. Then she ended up riding the dang bull for like FIVE FULL MINUTES before the guy finally sent it in schizoid overdrive, and now she brags all the time about being a bull-riding savant and I can never spill the secret of her uncanny fortune.

    Er, not that I'm bitter or anything…

  9. That guy needs to learn to watch who he hits on. I hate guys like that.

  10. My weekend actually involved bull riding as well! I didn't ride the bull, but my best friend did and she definitely dominated. Even worse than your thong flashing, one chick rode in a mini dress. And I mean MINI. When she was thrown – flat on her face with her ass in the air – we all discovered that she wasn't wearing anything under her poor excuse for a dress. NOT cute.

  11. nicoleantoinette says

    Haha, such a fun night. And really? you weren't nearly as inappropriate as that girl in the black dress, so you're fine.

  12. Man that is harder than it looks! (TWSS)

  13. Lisa-Marie says

    Hahaha, men are stupid sometimes. Also, you owned that bull!

  14. haha yes very true note, girls travel in packs and talk! and excellent ride on the bull ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. OMG what a douche! The fact that nobody hits him with a bag yet amazes me..

    ps. I always want to try to ride bull!:)
    pss. sweet tea vodka? is it like long island ice tea or something?:D

  16. that pretty much made my evening!

  17. Congrats on such a great ride. It looked like you were having a blast!

  18. You are talented! What is with these guys- I went to Atlantic City this weekend and despite my ring, the guy didn't believe me.

  19. OMG I love the pictures of you and Dan on the bull. That is AWESOME. And sweet tea vodka? I haven't tried it, but it sounds delish.

  20. walkingonsunshine18 says

    Looks like you had a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I've never done the bullride thing but I am intrigued by it and think it would be fun. Also? I have yet to try sweet tea vodka but I think it's a must!


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