Organize Me!

I like to think of myself as organized. Key word being “think”. In reality, I’m more of an organized slob. Whenever people come over and our cleaning woman hasn’t been around recently (yes, we have a cleaning woman, we both know we’re messy so we didn’t bother trying to lie about it when we first moved in together) I always find myself giving a warning about the impending mess. Or we run around like lunatics throwing out old mail and grabbing things off the floor and various surfaces. We’re not disgustingly messy… our stuff just seems to be always strewn about the apartment (especially since Dave insists on using the dining table as an extension of his closet… grrr.)

Beyond that though, I’m pretty meticulous about being organized. Things have to be put in certain places. In college I LIVED in my planner, and it was detailed and highlighted to the extreme. (Reminds me of you Amber!) Anything from assignments, to work schedules, birthdays, etc. It was all in there.

The problem is that I recently gave up my Filofax planner that I’d had since I graduated college (2005 woot woot!) and I have been kind of lost without it. I use Google Calendar, and it’s pretty good since Dave and I have a shared one, so we can see each other’s schedules. I can access the G-Calendar on my blackberry and cell phone, however I can’t add things in a easy way, and until I go ahead and input everyone’s birthday, I am becoming a slacker at sending cards. (And I LOVE sending cards.)

I keep a notebook on me at all times so if I need to write down something in a pinch, I can. (Mainly blog ideas, wedding ideas, etc.) But I’m thinking I need a physical planner in front of me again. And something small and thin, so it doesn’t take up all the room in my bag like my Filofax did.

What do you all do to keep organized?


  1. I think you can send stuff to your Google calendar via text.

    I have a Google calendar, and it syncs with my iPhone, but I still like having a paper calendar. I can make notes in that, and online calendars just seem to be for tracking appointments. I've been thinking about the Life Planner from Erin Condren: Franklin Covey has some different ones now too, with a lot of new options for organizing.

  2. I am SO not organized, though I try! I have Vera Vera Bradley agenda that I use. I know that I could get a blackberry or something, but I like having something to write in, it makes things easier for me. My office uses shared calendars, and I am always forgetting to add things to it!

  3. The Northerner says

    My work uses google and we have to update our calendars so that our supervisors know where we are and what we are doing. It sounds worse than it is…. I find that it is really helpful in planning things and the secretaries really only use your calendar to hunt you down in case of emergency. I also use a planner though because I like to write things down and cross them off. I might be a little too organized ๐Ÿ˜‰

    p.s. You didn't block out your email address under My Calendar under the bottom left hand side of the screen shot. Just an FYI so crazy people don't find you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have my planner as well as my blackberry and outlook is awesome.. i create tasks for myself all the time… xxxoo

  5. Jen on the Edge says

    I've tried online calendars, but I really need the paper versions. I actually have three:

    1. Home calendar — I organize my entire family on this one. It's hung in a central location and EVERYTHING goes on it.

    2. Work calendar — Everything for work goes here, as well as some personal appointments so that I don't double-book. I also attach To-Do lists.

    3. Blogging calendar — I'm not kidding. Since I write at several places, I fill out the calendar a month at time with my writing schedule, any topics, and other notes I need to remember.

    The Home and Blogging calendars hang on a large magnet board by my home desk.

    The Work calendar is with my work stuff but goes back and forth on occasion when I need to compare notes and/or sync schedules.

  6. For a real paper calender that doesn't take up alot of room I use Moleskine. It's classic looking but doesn't scream PLANNER and it's thin! Plus the month to month one has plenty of room for writing in b-days, meetings, lunches, etc…

  7. I use my iCal that syncs with my iPhone but I *have* to have a planner too. I found a cute one from barnes & noble and its small & thin. I have to be able to have a place to write things down, digital calendars just don't cut it for me.

  8. I have this planner, and I swear by it:

    sure, it's a little expensive, but it's so good and it's prettyyyyyy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    she also makes an amazing wall calendar that i've ordered for the kitchen so my ever forgetful better half can see it too.

    and i just realized that lisa posted the link to the same planner.

    i'm telling you, it's worth the $50. FOR REAL.

  9. Whore, I never got a card from you! Who are you sending cards to if not me? SEND ME A CARD. Actually, don't because I read them and throw them out. Also, I have a paper planner. I briefly experimented with G-calendar and abandoned it. I kick it old skool.

  10. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    Well as you saw on my blog today I have a planner that is pretty much my life. I don't know what I would do without it, I TRIED to use google calendar but I just wasn't good with remembering to fill it out. So a planner it is. I guess I'm just old-fashioned! Ha!!

  11. This is a constant struggle for me. I use both my iPhone, iCal and a paper planner. Oh, can't forget the calendar on the fridge! But even with all of those I still feel flustered and forgetful. I can't win at organizing my life.

  12. you'd think i'd graduate to a google calender finally but alas i still use a written planner. i can't really live without it.

  13. I unfortunately don't have any tips, but I wanted to thank you for mentioning you can see your google calendar on your blackberry, I'm going to figure that out right now!

  14. google calendar is all I use. it is my saving grace!

  15. corkyshell says

    I LOOOVE being organized, I am kind of OCD about it. I have tried so many times to use a computer calendar and it doesn't work. I heart my big, chunky calendar that I write in and spend hours at Office Max picking out whenever the dates are up!

    P.S. I am also kind of jealous of messy people. You know the kind that are totally ok with it and still know where everything is at, even though you think a bomb went off in their room. My RA was like that, so jealous of her.

  16. I so need a planner! This reminds me.. So far I type everything I have to do in blackberry calendar but it's just not the same. Real planner is more useful!

  17. I use my Outlook calendar at work and I carry a small, leather-bound planner I picked up at Barnes and Noble so I can cross-check everything. It's not heavy and it fits easily in my tote. Which reminds me, I need to start looking for one for next year!

  18. I literally just got my personal sized filofax refilled for the first time since 2006 and I love it. I'm in swoony, groupie love with it.

    For me, a system has to not just work but it also has to be pretty and make me happy to use it. This time I bought refills I also bought the hole punch and last night I took scrapbooking paper and made a bunch of really pretty pages for inside covers.

    I've also used a moleskin weekly planner and the papaya art planners and I liked both, but my filofax is 1000 times more durable so I've gone back to it.

  19. I have a google calendar, but I never use it. Mostly I use my desk calendar, but for non-work stuff I just wing it.

  20. Vic DaChick | Vster88 says

    I have a Google calendar, as well as a Moleskine weekly planner that I carry around with me EVERYWHERE [Yes, I LOVE Moleskines, I think this is the second time I've told you about them] and I regularly sync them up. Why? Because Google calendar can send me reminders, and my Moleskine I can check if I have plans or if I'm free when making plans with someone, like, face-to-face, in person, and not behind a computer screen.

  21. Google calendar is one of my favorite things ever. My boyfriend and I use it to keep track of our schedules, events we are going to as a couple and more. It's pretty great. I also keep a real "old fashioned" planner as well but that's just because I'm a nerd. Oh, and post-its and to-do lists. Yup, i'm a dork and i love it!

  22. Allison M. says

    I send myself e-mails, write notes in my iPhone and post-its.

    It doesn't really work THAT well either.

  23. I can't live without my Google calendar, mine is linked to Mike and all of my friends.


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