Foot Fashion Faux Pas

Scene: 6 Train, 8:30ish this morning.
Criminal: This chick wearing these HIDEOUS SHOES and LEGGINGS WITH STIRRUPS!!!

picture snapped discreetly with my camera phone

Seriously…. what the hell is that?? Who thinks that’s ok??!? The shoes are one thing, but then throwing the stirrup leggings into the mix? Oh hell no. This is also my second sighting of stirrup legging in TWO DAYS! What is going on? Last I checked, stirrup leggings were made to keep your leggings from bunching when WEARING THEM WITH BOOTS! SO NO ONE SEES THE STIRRUP!!!


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  1. Hey that was me on the 6 train ๐Ÿ™‚ jk…. but hideous is right!! xxxoo

  2. Legally Fabulous says

    OMG. Those shoes are AWFUL.

  3. Confessionelle says

    That's disguisting!

  4. Samantha Rose says

    This is such a fail.

    Mom used to make me wear stirrup leggings and I cried. Same with turtlenecks. Bleh.

  5. Lindsay McHugh says

    Stirrup leggings with flats are all the rage in Melbourne… that being said, there's a lot of questionable fashion that goes on down under!

  6. I saw this on Twitter – really…awful

  7. Lordy, lordy what WAS she thinking?

  8. If that's the new it things in fashion these days, then count me out LOL hideous!

  9. What is wrong with that????? Just kidding! That is just terrible. Didn't you almost feel like it was your responsibility to SAY something to her??? =)

  10. OMG…….

  11. Hahaha, well trends from the 80's are coming back for fashion this fall…maybe she decided she'd ressurect everything about that decade! Oh, and great discreet camera skills!

  12. ick! just hideous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Wow. She should be taken out and shot!

  14. So… you didn't like my outfit?

    Bwahaha. Sorry, had to say it (it COULD'VE been me, since I am also a 6 train commuter, but… No, it could not have been. Since. NO. Just no.)

  15. Suburban Sweetheart says

    This… is an atrocity. Good covert photog skills.

  16. Sometimes I wish I could just wear something like that for one day and see the looks I would get.

  17. hey lacey–

    wanted to say a sincere thank you for donating to the mattress cause!! that is AWESOME of you and so far you're the only one. You have truly made my day!!


  18. Stirrup leggings are already awful, but to put them with open shoes like that, especially THOSE kind of shoes is tragic.

  19. nicoleantoinette says

    Stop taking pictures of me on the train.

  20. That is a rare find.

  21. WOW! there are no words for how awful that "fashion" is. ::crigne::

  22. Amber (Girl with the red hair) says

    Ugh. That is just terrible!! What was she thinking?!!

  23. oooooohhh noooo she didn't!


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