Ocean views, kayaks and MONKEYS! (Oh My!)

After we made it through the strike and piled into the van waiting for us on the other side, we continue to our hotel where I was greeted by the following sign:


More monkeys than people? YES!!!!

(Meanwhile we were here for three nights and only saw monkeys on the very last day. BOO.) We had no set plans for the day, so we decided to check out the pool.

Relaxing Monkey Business - the best drink EVER Poolside
The pool was 18 and older, which was great! No kids splashing around while we were relaxing/drinking by the pool!

The next day we went kayaking on the Damas River!!


The Damas is filled with different species of mangrove trees, and animals. We saw a bunch of different birds, crabs, and the silky anteater, which looks like a popple! At first the kayaking was really easy (a little too easy for super eagle scout adventurer Dave) but then we went into some harder parts, through the mangrove forest, where sometimes it was so narrow that you had to stop using your oar and paddle w/ your hands!


And then we finally saw monkeys!! They come up so close to you, because they’re used to the people from nearby villages, so they have no fear. Except for the one that was grilling Dave and he had a stare down with. We’re pretty sure it was protecting the mother with babies behind it.

I took so many pictures of monkeys, it’s insane.

I LOVED the monkeys. They are so cute and funny, and it really amazes me how not afraid they are. Here’s a video of some! Please excuse my shoddy recording skills, I was in a kayak that was slowly moving on it’s own (as things in the water do) and didn’t want to drop the camera in the water.


  1. Non Sequitur Chica says

    MONKEYS!!!!!!! And fruity drinks at the pool!!!! I am so jealous!!!

  2. um i just want to go to that pool right now.

  3. I love Monkeys! They are my favorite animal! I love the pics! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

  4. You should have caught a monkey and brought it home to be your butler. :p

  5. This might make me sound mean but an 18 and older pool sounds like heaven! I mean kids are great but I could appreciate some quite lounging in the sun

  6. Monkeys are awesome! I am enjoying listening to your vacation stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I looove the pool, especially with no noisy kids? Sounds so heavenly!:)

  8. Holly Golightly says

    I wanted to go to Costa Rica before, but now I really, really want to go. I just sent this link to my boyfriend and hopefully he'll get this hint. Haha.

    So glad you had fun!

  9. I would have loved seeing monkeys too! And yeah for 18 and older pools ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Classy in Philadelphia says

    I am SO jealous! It looks like you had an amazing time. The pool? Yeah, I want to be there.

  11. These pictures are so pretty! And the monkeys are too cute

  12. That is so amazing. I always think about unique interactions with people in other cultures, but never the animals…


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