Bridge Over Troubled (Costa Rican) Waters!

And now we’re back to our regularly schedule Costa Rica blogging!! Last I had left off, I had just swung hundreds of feet in the air, only to be felled by a spiral staircase. (sad)

After spending two nights in beautiful La Fortuna, we were off to Monteverde/Quepos, a seaside town, where we would spend our next three nights. To get there, we had to take a 5 1/2 hour bus ride across the country. The trip anywhere else would be shorter than that, but with all of the mountains and poor roads, it takes much longer. Luckily we had InterBus, which was a great tourism bus company. So off we go at like, ass-crack early in the morning, and I realize I’m not feeling that well. Something from breakfast definitely wasn’t sitting right with me, but at least it wasn’t awful. I tried to curl up and go to sleep. The bumpy roads? Do not help in this situation! About halfway through our journey we stopped for bathroom/food/souvenirs/etc, and then were on our way again. We were with another couple who were from Aruba, and they were very helpful in translating what our driver was saying, since he didn’t really speak English. With about an hour left into the trip, they let us know the driver mentioned a strike up ahead, but we really didn’t think much of it. We pull into this small town about 15 miles away from our destination, and traffic is STOPPED. No cars are moving, nothing. It turns out that this town was having a major bridge built into it, to replace the little old bridge they currently had. (Most of the bridges are old railroad passes, and only one way, so cars have to wait on either side to get past.) This town it seems didn’t want this major bridge to be built, they didn’t want to be connected to the major roads. We sat in the van for about 20 minutes before it was figured out that there was another InterBus on the other side of the bridge. So what did we do?

P1020587 Woo hoo let's walk! Dave wheeling along The rickety bridge Tractor and bed on the other side, cutting off the road

Yup, that’s us walking across the rickety bridge of death with our luggage, and the InterBus drivers. The town had cut off access to the bridges with a tractor, and a truck. Locals told us that this sort of thing happens frequently, and nothing really ever gets solved.

Thankfully we had the buses on either side of the bridge, otherwise who knows how we would have gotten across! And we definitely experienced something that (most) people don’t on their Costa Rican vacations!


  1. well that is definitely one way to do things. i think i would have been super freaked out about that bridge though, but then again i am a major wuss, haha.

  2. Why wouldn't they wanna be connected with major roads? Shouldn't it give them easier access to places? Better business, more money, etc? Oooh I guess I won't know logic of small town locals ๐Ÿ™

    But it lookslike an experience, I would have been confused, especially in a foreign country.

  3. Driving over bridges creeps me out, if I had to do that I probably would have cried

  4. So brave!


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