"You were just hanging 400 feet in the air and you can’t walk down a spiral staircase??"

Before I go into detail about us ziplining over the Costa Rican mountains, I just wanted to let you all know that my GAP party was awesome, and I have a KICK ASS giveaway for you!! Stay tuned!!

The first full day that we were in La Fortuna, we were scheduled to go ziplining in Monteverde with Costa Rica Sky Adventures. I actually don’t know which I was more nervous for, white water rafting or ziplining. You see, I am TERRIFIED of heights. It’s horrible. I figured out that it’s more a fear of falling then of heights, because I LOVE roller coasters, but still. No me gusta. Anyway, I was ok with the idea of ziplining, because I felt that if I thought about it like it was a roller coaster (since you’re harnessed in), then I would be ok.

We got to the place, got harnessed up and took the Sky Tram up to a viewing platform. Holy crap it was high! But we got gorgeous views of the other side of the volcano:

(Clockwise L-R)Me being “excited”, on the way up the Sky Tram, Dave and I in all our gear and the volcano.

We started the first two tracks, which were the easy “test” tracks. Basically if you don’t like/can’t do these two, you should turn back. After you go past the second one, there is no turning back. So I did the first 2 and was fine, it was fun!! And then the third one looked soooooo loooooong!! But away I went! It was a lot of fun, except when you don’t weigh very much like myself, and then you don’t make it all the way to the platform on the other end. 🙁 Luckily I wasn’t too far, and all you have to do is turn yourself around, and then pull yourself back on the rope. There was one guy on our tour that got stuck at least 1/3 of the way out, and the guide had to go get him. SO GLAD that wasn’t me!!

HOLY CRAP! So close!
There I go! And there I’m stuck! (Click pictures to enlarge)

There are 8 ziplines in total, including the two test ones in the beginning. After we did the longest zipline (over 2,526 feet!) we were waiting on a platform to do the final one, where they take your picture and try to charge you $10 for it. To get to the last track, you have to go down a tall, spiral staircase. This is where I freaked the HELL out.

The stairs of DEATH

Remember my fear of heights before? And how it’s really a fear of falling? Oh my lord how I flipped out on these stairs. I made everyone go ahead of me, and told Dave to walk VERY slowly in front of me. I started panicking and freaking out so bad that he wound up walking down the stairs BACKWARDS to try and keep eye contact with me and keep me calm. (He’s a good fiancé.) And they’re just stairs!! That’s when Dave said, “You were just hanging 400 feet in the air and you can’t walk down a spiral staircase??” Yup. I felt safe on the zipline because I was harnessed in, but did NOT feel safe on the stairs because it was just me. And some metal stairs. Going in a spiral. With see through steps and no walls. So I could see how high up I was. OH. MY. GOD. It was awful.

After I died some, and then stopped freaking the mother loving hell out, we crossed the last zipline, and de-harnessed ourselves. Woo hoo!! Honestly the ziplining was fun, but you couldn’t really look to enjoy the environment you were in. You had to keep yourself curled into a ball, with your legs tucked all the way up by your face, and if you looked over to the side, you wound up slowing yourself down and possibly not making it to the platform (like I did, many times.) I loved that I did it, but don’t know if I would do it again.

That night we decided to experience the Baldi Springs, one of the natural hot springs parks in the area. Some of the water was naturally heated to 152 degrees! It was SO HOT! Dave sat in a waterfall of it for a minute and then came running out haha. They also had some great water slides, and it was very weird to do a water slide into warm water!

152 degrees! P1020572
152 degrees!!! And me, in the non-152 degree water. (I think this one was like 90 something.)

Next up, making our way through a workers strike… not your usual tourist fare!


  1. that looks reallyreallyreally fun! I'd totally be afraid, but I want to do it!

  2. The Novelista Barista says

    LOL i did that.. it was fun times!!!!!!!!!! crazzzzy scary though!!

  3. Whoa whoa whoa… LOVING the new layout lady!! It's been a while since I could visit other ppl's blog.

    And I envy you for your sheer bravery!!

  4. thatShortChick says

    ziplining through a jungle is something I've always wanted to do!

    and I had no clue costa rica had hot springs, that's pretty awesome.

    seriously, your vacation sounds like it was amazing.

  5. ooooh as scared as i am of heights i would love to go zip lining, it looks like so much fun! and matt would totally love your shirt, go sundevils!

  6. That looks like so much fun! BTW I love the title of your blog!

  7. I've always wanted to go zip-lining, and your pictures all make it look pretty awesome

  8. Non Sequitur Chica says

    Pretty volcano!!!

    But I would be scared to death of those stairs too!

  9. oooh Hot Springs! Jealous.

    And dude, I'd be shitting myself at the prospect of those stairs!

  10. uuum I am not sure I could do that! I would probably barf on something zipping by below me

  11. I was just in Monte Verde for my last weekend and zip lined at Selvatura. It was 15 lines and the last one was so long that we had to go in pairs to make it across. So much fun!!! Thanks for the comment. I'll definitely be back to your blog.


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