Corona, Chelsea and some Meatpacking too

I love that I can name three areas of Manhattan/Queens and people from outside of NYC will have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, in these three areas of NY we got through three things on our NYC-to-See list!!

When I was at my parent’s house in Queens for my birthday, I made it a point to head out to Lemon Ice King of Corona after dessert for some ices. (Yes, after dessert.) I dragged Dave, my Co-MOH Allison and a friend out (like they really needed dragging) and we got some delicious ices (check out the flavor list!) I didn’t get peanut butter like I said I would, but I did get chocolate, and it was so good. The ices are natural, so when you get something like peanut butter, it has pieces of peanuts and peanut butter chips in it. If you get grape, there are frozen grapes in it, etc. SO GOOD! And it’s kind of like going to the Soup Nazi, because they’re VERY serious about not mixing the ices!


We also walked over to the nearby park and watched the old Italian men playing bocce ball. This is hilarious in itself because they take it SO seriously, and we got to witness the best bocce ball fight ever. And one of the men had the WORST B.O. ever, which was not as fun to witness.

P1020212 P1020213

This Sunday Dave and I decided to knock two things off the list. It was gorgeous out, so we headed down to Chelsea Piers to have lunch at the Chelsea Brewing Company, right on Pier 59. We sat outside and enjoyed the great views of the water (including a boat named HammerTime!), and I had the best BBQ Chicken Salad of my life. It was so good!! We also, of course, had some beer.

Chelsea Brewing Company
HammerTime, Dave’s beer flight, the view, and inside the brewery.

Once we had fattened up on food and beer, we hopped over to the High Line, where they were also having a Target sponsored street fair. When we got there, we were shocked that there was a HUGE line. For a park! But we saw that it was moving pretty quickly, so we got on (I’m pretty sure I accidentally cut some people. Whoops!) and within 15 minutes were up on the High Line.

The High Line
One of my favorite shots, the 1st art installation on the High Line, view from a lower level, and the entrance. (I love the simple logo!)

I LOVE what they did to it, and I’m really excited for the water feature they’re putting in, but I wish I could have seen it before the restoration. We also hit up the street fair when we were done, mainly so I could get lemonade from the “World’s Largest Lemonade Stand”. They served lemonade out of a New York City water tank. How cool is that?

The Lemonade Water Tank
The lemonade was free! Who could ask for more? And also, I have NO IDEA what that white blobby thing attached to the building is. My guess was a melted StayPuff Marshmellow Man.

I definitely suggest checking out the High Line while the weather cooperates. It’s so pretty, and also has great views! We also found some interesting street art by Chelsea Piers which I LOVE. I’m making it my mission now to seek out different types of street art and document it!

P1020265 P1020267
That little guy looks like he belongs in a PacMan game! And the snakes are just awesome.

I think after these three things I have a great start on the NYC-to-See list. AND I’m off this Friday, so I think Dave and I are going to conquer Coney Island!


  1. Seriously so much fun!! I am so jealous, I wish I lived somewhere with SO much to do!

  2. okay that sounds awesome. i'm slightly jealous. i really need to do something like that with LA, i just need the time to do it too! haha.

  3. Wait I'm now from NYC and I've heard of Chelsea and the Meatpacking District (is that capitalized?)…but then again, I READ a lot. LOL!

  4. Fab!

  5. So fun! I want to go back to NY!

  6. Shoshanah says

    Congrats on getting started on your NYC to see list!

    And just wondering what would happen if you got two flavors of ice, and mixed them yourself…

  7. IS that flavored beer or something? I don't drink beer but I do like to sip on flavored ones every once in a while. The photos look so fun.

  8. Your mini trips sound like a ton of fun! I'm bummed I missed the lemonade last Sunday, but I knew the High Line would be super crowded and didn't want my fiance to have a negative first reaction to it–(We're having our engagement photo shoot there this sunday evening when the sun is setting and he's never been there—can't wait!!!)


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