Birthday Weekend awesomeness

Oh what a weekend. Between the birthday celebrations, BBQs, hitting up the beach, and getting baby fever for the first time, this was such a good weekend. Except for when my eye kept being itchy all weekend and I woke up in the middle of the night scratching the shit out of it. No fun.

ANYWAY, I don’t want to go into long winded detail about the weekend, but here are four very important things.

1. My birthday cookie cake, courtesy of my co-worker Brian:

There was all kinds of deliciousness up in here. And it was HUGE.

2. The best shirt EVER (made for me by the lovely Arielle):

3. The biggest bra you’ve ever seen in your life, courtesy of Jeremy’s Ale House (where the beers come in quantities of 32 ounces, and only in Styrofoam cups:

And 4., I got my nose pierced!! I’ve wanted it for awhile, and finally got the guts to do it on Sunday! My parents weren’t too thrilled, but what can they do? Im 26. Also my mom was fine with it after I said yes, I would take it out for the wedding. Haha. No pictures yet, but I’ll have them soon!

And thank you everyone for all the birthday comments, FB messages and tweets! It was awesome, thanks soooooooooo much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a blast 🙂

    Do you think someone actually wore that bra at some point? heheh

  2. Shoshanah says

    Hope you had a great birthday! And I love the cookie cake

  3. Cookie cakes are the best!

  4. I love that you added "Giggity" underneath the bra picture 🙂

    That cookie cake looks amazing!

  5. What a great weekend! And yay for the nose piercing! I can't wait for photos.

  6. The Northerner says

    I love cookie cake! Sounds like an amazing birthday weekend 🙂

  7. Cookie cake? How awesome, we're never really familiar with it over here. Lame. And nose pierce sounds super cool. You looklike a rockstar I bet.

  8. 1. That cookie cake looks a-mazing.
    2. That is one massive bra.
    3. So happy you had a great birthday!


    THAT is the moment you know you are truly loved. 😉

  10. oh yay glad it was so fun. and i bet you great with a nose ring, i don't think everyone could pull one off but you can.

  11. That cookie looks amazing! Glad you had such a good weekend!

  12. The New Black says

    Looks like a great BD! The shirt is cute and the bra was hilarious!!


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