Whip it Up Week 1! "Holiday" Favorites w/ a twist!

Yay Whip it Up is back!! As a reminder, Whip it Up is a 8 week challenge to bake/cook/procure one new recipe each week. Each week has a theme, which you don’t have to stick to, but I like to try and make it work. (As Tim Gunn would say.)

A few weeks ago I was so excited to see that the themes had come out. And then I saw that this week’s theme was “Holiday” Favorites. Insert crickets chirping here. I didn’t know what to do! While my family is big into holidays I couldn’t put my finger on one item that said “holiday favorite” to me, and I had already made the other holiday goodies that I was familiar with. So I thought about what I would do for each holiday, what I would usually eat, etc. And then it dawned on me – Jews get Chinese food on Christmas! That’s “our” holiday – Chinese food and a movie! I’ll make chinese food!! I found a recipe for Lo Mein (one of my favorites) and off I went!

Everything Lo Mein
Yields 4 servings
recipe from Food Network – Rachael Ray

-3 rounded tablespoons hoisin sauce
-3 tablespoons dark soy, eyeball it
-3 tablespoons water, eyeball it
-2 teaspoons hot sauce, eyeball it

Everything Lo Mein:
-1 pound spaghetti
-1/4 cup vegetable oil, divided
-2 large eggs, beaten
-3 chicken breast cutlets, thinly sliced into strips
-3 thin cut pork chops, thinly sliced into strips
-Black pepper
-2 teaspoons ground coriander
-2 inches fresh ginger, chopped or grated
-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
-6 scallions, cut into 3-inch lengths then sliced lengthwise
-1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms, chopped
-1 red bell pepper, cut into quarters, seeded, then sliced
-1 small can sliced water chestnuts
-2 cups fresh bean sprouts, 4 generous handfuls or 1/2 pound shredded cabbage, your choice

1. Mix together sauce ingredients and reserve.

2. Bring pasta water to a boil, salt water and cook spaghetti to al dente.

3. While pasta cooks, heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large, nonstick skillet over high heat. When oil ripples, add beaten eggs and scramble them to light golden brown, remove and reserve.

4. Season the meat with salt, pepper and coriander. Heat the remaining vegetable oil to a ripple, then add meat and stir-fry 4 minutes, push meat to the side and add ginger, garlic and veggies. Stir-fry veggies 2 minutes, then drain and add pasta and eggs back to skillet. Pour sauce over the spaghetti and toss to combine. Turn off pan. Toss 30 seconds and let the liquids absorb.

My creation

And now for the questions!!

1. Was the recipe easy to follow?
Yes. What they don’t tell you though is that this recipe definitely yields more than 4 servings – Dave and I have enough leftovers for a week! It also doesn’t say that you need a ginormous pot/skillet, I had to transfer items back and forth.

2. Did the dish taste good?
Very good. There are strong flavors from the sauce and the coriander. For next time, I would definitely make some extra sauce though, since it was so good and I didn’t think it covered enough of the lo mein.

3. Would you make it again?
Yes. With a much bigger skillet. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also decided to throw in some other questions for the Whip it Up Challenge. These will appear on my posts going forward:

4. Leftover quotient?
There is so much food leftover. I could have fed at least 6 people on this one recipe. Thank goodness we liked it, otherwise we’d be stuck with all this food!!

5. Any additions/edits to the recipe?
Besides making more sauce next time, and making sure I had a bigger pot, I did the following right off the bat when making this recipe:
– Didn’t use pork. I used only chicken instead and only 3 cutlets.
– Used less than 2 inches of ginger. The comments on the original recipe said that the ginger was overwhelming, and that about an inch and 1/2 would do. I thought with that, the ginger flavor was nice, but not too intense.
– Added canned mini corns and bamboo shoots. When I was getting the hoisin sauce and water chestnuts in the supermarket, I added these two items that I saw because I know I love them when I order lo mein! Especially the corns – yummy!!

And more importantly…
6. Dave’s thoughts:
The combination of ingredients was very flavorful and the sauce was great. I enjoyed Lacey’s additions of the bamboo shoots and mini corns. Would make more sauce though. (Note – I did paraphrase as I’m at work right now and didn’t remember what he said verbatim.)



  1. Insannnnnnnnneeee, that looks totally yummy!:)

  2. You are such a good jew!
    I am so proud!

  3. ooo, looks really good! Maybe I'll try that this year's jewish chrismas.

  4. Shoshanah says

    It looks really good! And so true about Jews & Christmas. I'm assuming that's why you didn't add the pork? Or do you just not enjoy eating it?

  5. smartchic says

    looks really delicious in the pictures. will surely recommend this to a good friend of mine who is a jew and loves to cook. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Too funny… just yesterday I was INSANELY craving chicken lo mein! Redic! I already have the hoison sauce…

  7. I have been craving that for like a week!

  8. trishtator says

    This sounds delicious!

  9. So Sam would HIGHLY appreciate your cooking skills! Espesh if it involves lomein!!


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