"Sit Down!" "No, you stand the f*ck up!"


If you saw my Facebook or Twitter updates on Saturday night, you know they were one in the same – “13 years later, I still want to be Gwen Stefani.” Because yes, after being at the No Doubt concert and dancing and singing my butt off, it’s true, I still want to be her. She looks freaking amazing, can sing live and it sounds just like the recorded versions, and is still all around FANTASTIC. Not to mention she can wear a sequined, silver and black checkerboard jumper that would look hideous on 98% of the population and ROCK IT. And she has a killer six pack, after having a baby less than a year ago. Sigh.

The concert was at Jones Beach out in Long Island and thank god it didn’t rain! We got there a few hours early and tailgated with Dave’s sisters, just hanging out, discreetly drinking beer and snacking away. We made our way inside because I wanted to see Paramore, and we all had to pee.

Oh – side note! At one point during tailgating Dave’s sister Adrienne and I had to go to the bathroom, so we walk down to where they are by the beach and the line for the women’s bathroom is SO LONG. OMG it must have been like 75 people deep. So with beers in hand (yes, in hand) we decide to hit up the mens room. There were two girls there pleading with a parks department guy to let them in, and he was all no, you can’t, I’ll get in trouble blah blah. Then Adrienne starts telling him that he can’t keep us out of there (haha) and yells into the bathroom and at any passing guy “Do you care if there are girls in here? Do you guys care?” You just heard a chorus of “No!” and so we made our way inside, much to the parks department guys chagrin. Whatever, we beat that horrendous line and were back to our cars in like 10 mins. Thank heavens for my future sister-in-law!

Back to when we were inside the concert – I watched Paramore, which was fun, while my friends ignored/made fun of them. I wish more people than just 15 year old girls and myself were into them haha. What does that say about me?? I also purchased an insanely overpriced No Doubt concert tee, but honestly, who knows when they’ll tour again, I LOVE them and I’m a t-shirt whore. Any bar/concert/event I go to, I needs a t-shirt. Later I also got this limited edition poster that was only for the Jones Beach show. Awesome. I have to frame it and hang it somewhere Dave will hate. (Love you!)

No Doubt finally went on, and they were PHENOMENAL. I mean, one of, if not the best concert I have been to. Ever. So entertaining, such amazing sets, and just…. UHHHHHHHH SOOOO GOOOOD. We almost got into a fight with people sitting behind us though. My friend Annie LOVES No Doubt, and had been excited about the show for weeks. When they started playing, no one was standing up! Or, no one in our section was. So she started having a minor panic attack about it and so I grabbed her arm, yanked her up, and we stood up, along with Arielle and our other friend Chase. And 2 seconds after this woman behind us yelled for us to sit down! And I said hell no, you stand up! It’s a concert for goodness sakes!! You’re not sitting down to watch a Yanni concert or smoke a bowl and lay on the floor to watch Dave Matthews Band! This is NO DOUBT!! You stand up and respect them!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily she shut up soon after, but I felt so bad for this couple seated to my left, they wanted to stand up during the show too but people behind them kept yelling at them and just making their night miserable. The WHOLE section next to me was sitting the ENTIRE TIME. Who does that?? But regardless of the party poopers around, we had such a good time. They played every single hit they ever had, including the Adam and the Ants “Stand and Deliver” cover that they played on Gossip Girl and ended with Sunday Morning which made my life complete, since that is my favorite No Doubt song.

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*All No Doubt pictures on my Flickr.


  1. I heart Gwen, but I'm not sure I'd want to be her. Mostly because I read an interview with her once where she said that she's naturally inclined to be bigger and has to work like a pig to keep her body the way it is. And I don't think I'd want to starve myself and work out six hours a day the way I imagine she does. Though I do appreciate her honesty, especially in contrast with those skinny celebrities who are always saying they stuff their faces with French fries nonstop.

  2. ablogofherown.wordpress.com says

    Ahhhh I'm so jealous! I love No Doubt and we weren't able to get tickets when they were here.

  3. oh yay glad you had so much fun. and i totally would have rocked to paramore with you, i sort of love them too.

    and um boo on people sitting the whole time, that would have pissed me off a bit. at least you guys had each other and you weren't just standing by yourself, haha.

  4. thatShortChick says

    glad you had a good time regardless of those crabby patties (yes, I use spongebob references because I am 6).

    no doubt's tragic kingdom is pretty much all I listened to back in 4th grade (that and alanis morrissette, I was pretty angsty for a 10 yr old).

    Sunday Morning and Spiderweb are my favorite No Doubt songs ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I could like sh*t right now I'm so jealous. I wish I was there with you. OMG it looks like so much fun. That's it, I have to go to the Chicago show.

  7. Shoshanah says

    It looks like so much fun!

  8. Oh Gwen Stefanui can rock anything I swear, one of my style inspirations but I cant even muster a courage to dress like her!:)

  9. Chelsea Talks Smack says


  10. Hi! I just found your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am completely jealous! Gwen was (and still is) one of my favorite artists of all time!! She's so beautiful!

  11. Not only do I want to be here, I want her adorable little son, mohawk and all…


  12. sounds like a FANTABULOUS time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh Jones Beach is a great place for concerts.

    I miss that place.
    There's nothing like it up here in MA

  14. Eeeee! i am going to see No Doubt in July and I cannot wait!! This just made me even more excited!

  15. Anonymous says

    did gwen go commando?


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