Blog Carnival: Going back, back, waaaay back!

This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival, and Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!

The 20SB blog carnival is back after a short hiatus, and this month’s theme is “Looking Back”. However the catch is that you aren’t supposed to write something new, but you have to go back into your archives and re-post something from the first two months of your blog. This proved to be hilarious because I started blogging in September of 2007, and when I had no readers, I mainly used my blog to bitch about coworkers! (Especially “The Midge“) Anywho, I tried to find a post that shows my “mentality and outlook from the onset of your blog”, and it turns out I didn’t talk much about the act of blogging or my opinion on it. (Which is what I got from that statement.) So, I’m re-posting a good one about guys hooting and hollering at me on the street (much like Kat just did, but not as vulgar). From October 24, 2007:

Ok, I was going to post about this yesterday, but chose to have random posts instead, and then got distracted by House and Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. N-E-way.

So I’ve decided that I can’t walk down the street by myself anymore. Why? Because in the half a block it took to get to Dunkin Donuts, I was subjected to horndog comments from men idiots.

This isn’t one of those posts like, “omg, I am sooooo pretty, it’s so hard being so pretty when guys hit on me all day.” NAY. Yes, I do think I am attractive (although not as much as my boyfriend thinks I am… that’s why he’s so great), but it still just always shocks the hell out of me when I’m innocently walking down the street, and a guy whispers (or yells) something at me. Yesterday:

I’m walking down the street, and one guy says “good morning” to me. So I said good morning back (don’t know him). Then I SWEAR he said “Just set it, and forget it.” Like the fucking Ronco Rotisserie commercial? What?? Then not 4 more feet down the block, another guy walks passed me going the opposite way and says “you’re beautiful”. Ok seriously, I appreciate the compliment. Maybe I was getting this attention because I actually cared enough to put makeup on my face yesterday morning.

But guys, do you really think that we get turned on by you shouting things out to us on the street? I think I’m more mortified than anything!! Where did you learn to do this? Was there a TV show that depicted construction workers hooting at girls, and you thought “hey that’s cool, I’m going to try me some of that!”? Would you want someone hollering at your mother/sister/niece/insert other female relative here Seriously though, we females appreciate that you think we look good, but yelling out “Eyy Yo BaBEE! Lookin’ goooooooood!” does NOT get you anywhere with us, nor will it score you any points. Blech!

Yup, I’m still the same sarcastic a-hole that I was back in October 2007. And I still don’t like being hollered at on the street. So not much has changed!!! 🙂 I am interested to see what other bloggers re-post, and if they think they’ve changed since then!


  1. Hahah!!

    Good things don't change and i'm glad you never did!! This is why we love you!

  2. Good one!

    The best thing that was ever yelled to me was "Hey Shorty." I said hey back.

  3. I hate getting cat calls on the street. I get whistled at and whispered at… and no, I am not a hot person, so I really really don't get it.


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