2 Passes

For the longest time I’ve known of “the list”. This was the list of people that you could sleep with while in a relationship, and it would be ok. (The list is supposed to pertain to famous people only. Clearly you don’t want to add your boyfriend’s best friend or brother or something. Cause that would be AWKWARD.) So, as a keeper of a “list”, I was surprised when two of my coworkers informed me that I was wrong, and it’s not a list, but “2 passes” that you get in your relationship. What? Only 2? But I usually add someone to my list once a week! (Or so.) Well now I had to think of the (only) 2 people that I could get free passes for. And after much deliberation, we have my 2:

Ryan Reynolds. Yum. I loved him ever since I saw Van Wilder, because not only is he hot, but he has the best one-liners in that movie. I’m even ok with the fact that he’s married to Scarlett Johanssen, because she’s hot too, even though her voice sometimes annoys me. But she was great in A Girl With the Pearl Earring, so all is forgiven. I’m just glad he didn’t marry Alanis, because although I loved Jagged Little Pill when it came out, you just don’t measure up to Ryan sweetheart. Dave Coulier was more your speed.

John Krasinski. Yum yum!! I didn’t really know about him until I saw commercials for that movie he was in with Mandy Moore, and then this summer I started watching old episodes of The Office and fell in Looooooovee. I mean, how can you not love? Boy next door looks, awesome sense of humor, and just overall huggableness. I kind of wish he was dating Jenna Fischer in real life too. THAT would be amazing. Oh and I really want to see that new movie he is in with Maya Rudolph, Away We Go. Even though he sports a beard and glasses in it, he’s still totally do-able. Which is what I told Dave when he asked. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dave’s picks, on the other hand, are Beyonce (which surprised me) and whichever hot girl he can think of on any given week. He barely knows the names of celebrities as it is, so this is acceptable.

Do you and your significant other have “passes” or “the list”? Regardless, who would be your choices?


  1. A Margarita says

    Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. I'm a sucker for those muscles.

  2. Those are great picks. I love 'em both. And Away We Go was fantastic – definitely see it!

  3. Mrs. Jenna says

    My list is substantial.

    It mostly includes "rock stars," such as Dave Grohl (but he's getting old so he's more of a "I'd like to be his gal pal"), Justin Timberlake, Josh Homme (from Queens of the Stone Age) and John Mayer, to name just a few.

    But honestly, there's like 3,504 more celebs/musicians on there. The hubs doesn't necessarily approve, and I could NOT whittle it down to just 2. Impossible.

  4. YUMMYYY ryan reynolds ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Children of the Nineties says

    I love Ryan Reynolds. I agree about Alanis–how do you go from Joey on Full House to Ryan Reynolds?

    Also, my bf totally has a man crush on him. Every time we see a pic of him in a magazine, he's always like, "God, Ryan Reynolds is so ripped." I wonder if I should be concerned or just happy that we have similar taste.

  6. Confessionelle says

    Matthew McClonely (Sp?) He is amazing!! My bf thinks he looks like him, far from….

  7. You betcha arse we have a free pass! Mine is Hugh Jackman….mm baby.

  8. Ryan Reynolds, Jon Krasinski, Justin Timberlake, Josh Harnett and now Bradley Cooper thanks to The Hangover. I realize that's more than 2 but I don't know if I could slim it down.

    I to have been in LOVE with Ryan Reynolds since Van Wilder and The Office is my favorite tv show!!

    My fiance has a thing for Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson… apparently he likes girls with big blond hair!

  9. ablogofherown.wordpress.com says

    The Boy likes Winona Ryder.
    The more I look at Ryan Reynolds the more I want to jump him. Like, to the point where The Proposal previews are making it difficult for me to sit comfortably…

    As for my other pass?
    Josh Hartnett.

    Hands down.

  10. VERY good choices. Um Ryan Reynolds on EW? OMG I nearly passed out. And JKras is my man. He doesn't know it yet, but it's happening.

  11. Non Sequitur Chica says

    Uhhhh I hate to break it to you, but John Krasinski is already mine. Don't even try it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. The Office is my FAVORITE show and this is due largely to John Krasinski who is my fictional tv boyfriend. I actually named my cat Halpert after his character.

    For the record I wouldn't kick Ryan Reynolds out of bed either!

  13. I LOVE John Krasinski. He is #1 on my list ๐Ÿ™‚


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