Things Learned…

Things I learned after having my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday:

– Doctors will be very afraid of your tears. My oral surgeon asked at least 5 times if I wanted to go through with the procedure, since I was crying (yes, crying, leave me alone I’m mentally 5.)

– Your fiance will be nice and will hold your hand while you’re getting (no joke) 20 Novocaine shots to your mouth. And then will repeatedly try to poke your cheek to see how numb you are afterwards.

– If you grip the dentist chair hard enough, the dentist will warn you that he needs that chair after you’re done with it. (And will marvel at how tense you are.)

– Gauze in your mouth to soak up blood will make you gag (Gross)

– The doctors who think you can survive on Ibuprofen only after having 2 teeth forcibly removed from your mouth are sadists. Thank god Dave also asked him for Vicodin for me.

– That being said, Vicodin is awesome.

– And the pain you feel after the Novocaine wears off the is the worst pain imaginable.

– When in CVS waiting to get your prescriptions filled, tears will work on the pharmacists when they tell you its an hour wait. You’ll then get your meds in under 20 minutes.

– Soup is good. So are Flavor Ice.

– The side of your face that was worked on will swell up big time. Dave said I was starting to look like the Dad from American Dad. ๐Ÿ™

– When you see your parents the next day, and mention that you can’t open your mouth very wide, your dad will look at your fiance and say, “I’m so sorry for you.” Yeah.

– Ice packs = life savers. But remember to take them off your face every so often, or certain parts will turn pink and stay that way for awhile.

– When the swelling finally goes down, the stitches in your mouth will annoy the hell out of you and you will want to get a tweezer and rip those things out. Do not attempt no matter how uncomfortable you are.

– When you tell people you had your wisdom teeth removed, they will try to tell you their stories involving how many stitches they had, how swollen they were, or how their dentist was amazed at something involving their mouth/teeth/whatever.

– Well I beat you cause my bottom tooth had to come out in multiple pieces since it was so close to the bone. With additional Novocaine shots on top of it. So there!

Any good dental stories while we’re at it?


  1. theycallmecurlysue says

    Oh Lacey you poor thing! Hope things are going better now. Dave sounds like such a sweet guy holding your hand ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and the comment about your mouth and your dad’s remark—made me bust out laughing while reading this at work. HAHA Another thing, Flavor Ice is the best!

    My wisdom tooth story: I only have three, only had to have one pulled (not cut out) and I was fine after one day. I. Hate. Vicodine. Makes me cranky cranky.

  2. OMG Novacaine???? My oral surgeon put my all the way under! Holy hell there is no way I would have been able to do that with just Novacaine. You are a brave soul.

    All 4 of mine were impacted and they had to come out in tiny pieces. I was allergic to the anti-nausea meds they gave me and started having seizures in the recovery area–the nurses told me mom I was “just cold”. On the way out of the medical plaza (my mom practically had to carry my drugged self) a bunch of anti-abortion protestors started throwing bibles at my mom and I because they thought my mom had taken me in to have an abortion at the OBGYN’s office in the building. Kid. You. Not.

  3. Children of the Nineties says

    Uh oh, I’m supposed to get mine taken out this summer, you’re making me a little nervous! I will probably cry also.

  4. When I got my wisdom teeth out, none of them were impacted so it was just like pulling a regular tooth. They gave me a little novacaine to numb the area but that’s it, and I was done in 10 minutes. Heh.

  5. Your dad is HILARIOUS! I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out the summer before my junior year of high school, conveniently three days before marching band camp started and I played melly (large brass instrument) so I didn’t play a thing. Also, all 4 of my wisdom teeth grew perpendicular to the rest of my teeth (is that what impacted means?), so they all had to be crushed before they could be removed. And I might have to do it AGAIN : my mom had 5 wisdom teeth…

  6. Elizabeth says

    Aww! Ouch!

    My story–they gave me Valium beforehand, so I was pretty loopy before I even got there. When I was getting the gas, I asked them to save the teeth for me to give to the tooth fairy. Wtf? Haha, so they gave them to me, and I was surprised by how big those suckers are!

    Also, dry socket sucks!!

  7. Oh my GOD. When I got mine taken out, they gave me two pills. Took one the night before, and my mom put the other down my throat the morning of. I was carried into the surgeons office and the only memory I have was my eyes opening and seeing an IV go into my arm. Then I woke up around 9 p.m. that night.

    The problem with that was that being unconscious, I couldn’t take my anti inflammatory pill which made me puffy for a few days more than I needed to be. I can’t believe they did that to you while conscious!

  8. That is awful, I hope you’re feeling! My story wasn’t so bad, I mostly slept all day long after taking the pain killers, which was amazing.

  9. Omg laughing hysterically at DAR’s story!!!!

    All I’ve got is that I kept telling the guy who wheeled me out after getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out …

    “thank you doogie howser.”

    Swear… and then I was hitting on him the whole time I was drugged up.

  10. Awww it’s okay that you cried. I did and would have too. That’s sweet that Dave held your hand and then poked your cheek. That’s love.

  11. Wow! You’re brave! I was put totally under, and then had a small incision made, the tooth shattered, and then extracted piece by piece. Much easier hole to take care of.

    Plus, I am apparently more evolutionarily (is that a word? It is now!) advanced as I only had 2 wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth! None existed on my right!

    But I’ve had way more dental horror stories to make up for that relatively easy one.

    PS If my Dad said something like that I’d totally drop dead from shock! Seriously.

  12. That Mommie, Vic DaChick | Vster88 says

    I’ve had two oral surgeries:
    One two remove a baby tooth and an impacted adult tooth and to wrap a chain around the OTHER adult tooth to slowly pull it down [two adult teeth for one baby tooth — go figure]. I was put under for half of it, and then was awake for the rest. 32 stitches.
    The other to remove the adult tooth left in from last time, which had moved horizontally across the roots of my other teeth, and whose chain grew into and fused into my bone. Again, halfway under, then came out, and then the novocaine started to wear off, while they were chipping away the bone to take the chain out. 42 stitches, and stupid doctor left three in. I had to take them out myself with [cleaned and sanitized] nail clippers and tweezers.

    Neither did I get any sort of pain medication for afterwards.

    I’m so looking forward to having all four of my wisdom teeth removed… At some point in time.

  13. Vicodin is AMAZING.

    And a TON of ice strapped to your face (which is what I did for the two days after my wisdom teeth were pulled). I looked like a demonic, strung out chipmunk.

  14. oh i remember getting my wisdom teeth out too and it was not too fun. i slept a lot but then i remember a couple days trying to go out with some friends and i passed out in the bathroom because i’d had codeine and no food, go me, haha.

  15. Anonymous says

    hearing the dentist say oh thats bad while pulling out impacted teeth. afterwards they told me the problem was they snapped my tooth off and it is now lodged somewhere in my nasal passage. drove myself home after being gassed and then found out i was allergic to the pain pills. couldn’t keep anything done for 2 days and had to get an iv to stay hydrated. good luck with your recovery!

  16. I’ve had 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth removed. One. At. A. Time. Don’t ask why, I don’t know, but I had to undergo novacaine 3 times now and possibly a 4th soon…
    Oh, and one tooth was so impacted I also had it come out in pieces and remember panicking when the doctor was forcibly breaking said tooth in my mouth with some sort of tool. He also had the courtesy of explaining to me a surgery he performed on a different patient where he went through the mouth to get to the guys brain. Not sure why he was telling me all this and pointing in my mouth with scalpel! Needless to say, I was terrified and spent 2 weeks recuperating, physically from the swollen face, and emotionally from the graphic images.

  17. Shoshanah says

    I’ve somehow managed to survive without having any of my wisdom teeth come it. However, I have had my far share of cavities filled. And my dentist would always but me on laughing gas. There’s nothing like feeling like your floating when you’re having cavities filled.

  18. OMG reading this, I’ll postpone going to the dentist for sure. Dave did a great job with you though.


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