BBQ, Brownies and Bumbling Rabbis

This weekend was nonstop!! Yesterday I had to get up early and run to Queens to go to the eye doctor. I was out of contact lenses and also needed new glasses. I had not gotten new lenses since 2004 and new frames since even before that!!! It was really funny when I was trying on frames and the salesguy wanted to see my current pair just to see how they looked on my face. I told him they were very old, and therefore very out of style. The minute they were on my face he completely agreed! Hahah. He was great though and very honest in what he thought of the frames I was trying on (which I appreciated! I have a small face and some glasses just look BAD!), and I wound up getting a cute pair of brown Coach frames. Can’t wait to have something that I can actually wear out of the house! And can see in!

Afterwards I ran some errands and headed to my parents house to help out with some errands they needed done, and then went to Dave’s friend’s house for a Birthday BBQ. I got there a few hours before Dave, and his friends didn’t care that I was there without him, haha. Dave thought it was pretty cool that I was able to go without him and be comfortable and I guess it is pretty cool. I like his friends, and get along with all of them well, so it’s nice to know. Luckily the weather held out so we had a good time hanging out, drinking beer and eating good food. And talking wedding shop, since one couple is getting married next month, and another couple is getting married after us in 2010. πŸ™‚

Today was my grandmother’s unveiling. In the Jewish faith, about 1 year after someone passes away the family goes back to the cemetery and holds a ceremony to unveil the stone that has been created and put in place. Today was my grandmother’s, and meanwhile, my family couldn’t find her plot at first. I started wandering around and finally found it, but you’d think the main office would give better instructions! It was a nice ceremony, but I disliked the Rabbi. (A “Rent-a-Rabbi” as we call them. Since my parents don’t belong to a congregation, we don’t have a Rabbi to call our own, so to speak.) First he was late and everyone was waiting outside in the cold weather that we had today. Then, after asking my mother how to pronounce my grandparents’ last name, he butchered it twice before getting it right the third time. Really? It’s not difficult. It rhymes with BONER. Easy.

Oh, and I mentioned brownies, didn’t I? I wanted to make dessert for the BBQ, and I had a bag of mini marshmallows in our pantry, so I googled “rocky road brownies”* and behold:

Let melt and drizzle chocolate over the top

They are just as delicious as they look. The perfect brownie density with walnuts mixed in and the melted marshmallows to top it off. I brought one tray to the BBQ, and they were gone in minutes. The other tray came to my parents house for today, and again, GONE. I will definitely be making these over and over and over again. πŸ™‚

Really Rocky Road Brownies

*Recipe from –


  1. Your treats never fail to amaze me!!!


  2. Hi Lacey! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog πŸ™‚ Can’t remember where I found it.
    I’m definitely going to go find that recipe now, looks like a brownie must.
    Oh, and I gave up on the contacts about 4 years ago now and bought a cute pair of glasses instead. I think they may be going out of style soon though… πŸ™‚

  3. corkyshell says

    Those seriously look amazing! I will be sending those to Dave this month πŸ™‚

  4. pinkriss says

    that looks amazing! i will have to google it and test it out on my girlfriends this summer.

  5. Your weekend was so productive and those brownies look amazing!

  6. Shoshanah says

    My glasses are ridiculously old too. They most definitely don’t match the prescription on my contacts. I refuse to wear them in public and will only use them at night when I’m readin in bed. Maybe that means its time for me to get a new pair too?

  7. I originally wear glasses and I have trouble finding the cute classy ones, others make me look soooo weird i end up not wearing it except when i’m reading or playing with computers. I can’t wear contacts because i’m clumsy.

    ps. those brownies look so delish!

  8. I need new glasses so bad. New contacts too.

    I would also like some brownies please πŸ™‚

  9. sounds like a fabulous weekend. and yay for bbqs and hanging out with daves friends without him, definitely a good sign πŸ™‚

  10. I haven’t gotten new contacts in SO long and now I’m on the last pair. It’s bad because I know one day I’ll just run out and SOL.

  11. Slider2009 says

    The brownies look moist, those are the best kind! Thanks for the tip!

  12. lol, I can’t believe it you posted brownies recipe here. I was just thinking about brownies and opened your blog and this brownie recipe was here in front of me. Coolest brownie recipe. Thanx!

  13. theycallmecurlysue says

    Oh my yum those look good!

  14. Deutlich says

    OMG. WANT!


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