Tiaras, Beads, See-through Dresses & Bare Asses

Sounds like an awesome Mardi Gras party, right? (Or a really bad porno. What?) But oh no, we’re talking about the Lacey & Dave Engagement Party Extravaganza!! Holy crap what a night. I knew it was going to be good when I got on the train to meet my girls for dinner, and I noticed everyone on one side of the train car moving over to the side I was on. I looked over, and there was a homeless and/or drunk man, lying face down on the floor, shoes askew, WITH HIS PANTS AND BOXERS DOWN PAST HIS BUTT. BARE ASSED ON THE TRAIN. Oh my word. And he remained on the floor like that for the entire length of my ride, and I’m talking like an hour on the train, w/ many people getting on and off.

AND THEN, this white guy with dreads gets on the train, and his dreads, WERE DOWN TO THE FLOOR. It was like the aliens from Independence Day, with those tentacle-y things, TO THE FLOOR!! Some of them were so thick too, so crazy! How does he sleep? He must wrap it all up on top of his head to sleep cause otherwise if it was me I would be so worried about choking myself to death in my sleep!! Ahh!!

Anyway, after the insanity of the train, I met up with Arielle, and my girls Julie, Anna and Britt for dinner at Spice Market. Oh man. I think we’re all still full from this meal. Julie’s boyfriend is one of the managers, so we got spoiled! Her boyfriend arranged for a bottle of champagne for us, and there was so much food, and it was so good, but by 10pm we had to have them rush out the rest of the meal because we had to be heading to the bar!! And they were so cute, they had planned to bring out a nice dessert for us, but since we had to go, they brought out some packaged cookies.

So cute!! Spice Market is the best!

From there we walked as fast as we could (in heels) to Tortilla Flats, only to find that the place was far too small for our group (we have a lot of friends), and even though Arielle called them to make sure they would have room for a big group. Tortilla Flats you suck!! So we scouted the area, and decided to go to our old standby, Bleecker Bar. And Bleecker Bar did not fail.

Arielle and Julie brought out some Mardi Gras beads for everyone, and then donned Dave and myself with a crown and tiara, as the couple of the night.

My tiara lit up. It was AMAZING

We had such a good time. Dave especially had a great time, evidenced by the fact that he didn’t get out of bed until 7pm the next day. And he was also convinced that a cabbie was out to do him wrong by refusing to take him home to the Bronx, when clearly the cab was off duty. Oh but don’t worry! Dave wrote down his medallion number anyway. Because he felt so wronged. 🙂

And some of my favorite bloggers made an appearance, including the retired Dan Mega!

Some highlights of the night:

My Girls

And my girls crammed into a photo booth.

Not do be outdone by some of my lovely bridal party:

Bridesmaids Annie and Chase, and Co-Maids of Honor Arielle and Allison

and now crammed into a photo booth

couldn’t let you get away without one more picture of me and Dave!

And this one, cause I think it’s hilarious. And most likely Dave is drunk.

Oh and I almost forgot – I promised you see-through dresses, right? Well that would be me. Note to self – next time wear a black bra under a knit black dress.

Look it’s Dan Mega! Whose face I covered because I couldn’t remember if he was really anonymous or not! And my bra! And I’m totally standing on a chair cause he’s so freaking tall!

Good times. 🙂


  1. So fun!!


  3. Yay party! I’m sorry I crashed early but I’m glad I made it for a while. Wow you really can see your bra through that shirt. Love the picture of you and Mega.

  4. insomniaclolita says

    Such a great party, and lookslike a lot of fun!:)

  5. Classy in Philadelphia says

    I apologize..I didn’t read this whole post..drunk google reader reading is probs not a good idea…but I’m 21, so don’t yell at me..woohoo..I love your light up tiara

  6. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Sorry for that comment. I actually READ the post this time. Geeeez to that guy on the train. Gross 🙁 I’ve never heard of Spice Market but it sort of sounds delish! I’m glad you guys had such a fun night out, congrats again!

  7. surviving myself says

    It was a good time, the photo booth was awesome too.

  8. looks like a good time!!

    I actually found a picture of you YESTERDAY from a wp thing where you’re wearing a white bra under a brown sweater…hahahaha sorry girl, had to do it

  9. High-heel gal says

    Yay! Sounds like a great time was had by all (especially Dave…didn’t get up til 7p.m.?! Wow!)

  10. You should have taken a picture of those dreads.

  11. I had such a good time the other night. Congrats to you and Dave!

    p.s. I tagged you for a blog award. 🙂

  12. looks like such a fun party! love all the pics, you guys are hilarious.

  13. looks like a great time!

  14. Non Sequitur Chica says

    Hey wait! I didn’t get a light-up tiara for my engagement party! Oh wait….my parents threw me the party…. 🙂

    Looks like you guys had fun!

  15. I love Spice Market 🙂 Looks like my kinda party.

  16. Looks like an awesome night!!


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