L.A. Baby!!

Greetings from LA! Dave and I flew in late last night, and while he goes back home on Sunday, I am here until Wednesday for business. I had forgotten how much time zone changes can screw with you, and at around 4:30am I bolted out of bed thinking I had to get up for work, because it was 7:30am NYC time. Boo. I also feel behind on stuff because my computer is still on NYC time, and so I’m like CRAP IT’S ALREADY 1:20pm!!! When it’s really 10:20am. Whooops.

While I’m working today Dave is off at the La Brea tar pits, which he’s super excited about. I’m excited about having my very first In-n-Out Burger today, because there is one about 2 blocks away from where I’m situated. WOOT!

The good thing about being on my own right now is that I can check my Google Reader, which is out of control, all I want!! Sweet.

Oh, and I’m wearing a dress and flip flops, which makes me immensely happy. True, it’s a bit chilly for it, but I don’t freaking care. 🙂

Annnnd we’re going to Disneyland tomorrow!! YAY!


  1. Awesome! I hope you get to relax and unwind a little bit. Have fun!!!!

  2. Oh. My. Gods. I’m jealous. I haven’t had In-N-Out in 7 years.


  3. I am so insanely jealous right now!

  4. This makes me homesick! Have a great time 🙂

  5. Classy in Philadelphia says

    So jealous! I want to go to the west coast so badly! Have fun getting an in and out burger and at disneyland! yaaay!

  6. ahh im so jealous! Have a great trip!

  7. seriously the good weather is just for you, haha. but yay for in-n-out and disneyland, can’t wait to meet you!

  8. insomniaclolita says

    sounds amazing. Have a real good weekend 🙂

  9. Non Sequitur Chica says

    That’s awesome that Dave gets to come out with you.

    And when I had an In-n-Out burger I really didn’t taste much of a difference from the other fast food chains. Maybe it’s just me though….

  10. Sweet Soft Southern Thrill says

    So jealous! Have fun!

  11. Mmm In-N-Out….Thank god I’ll be in LA in 10 days, or I’d be having some major unfulfillable cravings right now.

    Have fun in Disney!!

  12. Enjoy the warmth!


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