I have a bacon hangover

As per my title, I can’t tell if my lethargic nature today is due to the large amounts of Sam Adams consumed during Superbowl yesterday, or due to the large amounts of bacon consumed during Superbowl yesterday. Oh yes. Bacon. In the nature of Alexa’s Bacon & Wine night, we decided to have everyone bring a bacon themed appetizer. This wound up being either the best thing we ever did, or the worst. We had:

Grilled Apples with Bacon, Cheddar and Scallions
– Bacon quiche
Bacon cheese rolls (perhaps the best/worst thing you’ve ever eaten)
– Blue cheese bacon dip
– Bacon wrapped filets
– Bacon sliders
– Bacon cupcakes (no seriously, cupcakes! And they were AMAZING)
– Reverse potato skins (no idea what they were really called, but they were basically a potato skin in a little puff thingie

It was all amazing. And awful at the same time. Besides all the bacon filled festivities, we had a great Superbowl at our apartment, complete with Sam Adams keg and $1 bets going around. (P.S. Bruce Springsteen? You lost me a dollar by playing a new song. And way to slide crotch first into the camera. Fool.)

But you clearly can’t get a good feel for yesterday’s events with just a description, so to recap, my Superbowl in pictures:

The Sam Adams keg. I think we still have like, half of it left? Wanna come over and drink?

Creation of the bacon cheese roll. This was before the creators destroyed the bottom of my oven by getting grease all over it, causing smoke to pour out later on in the day.

Mmmm smoked apples with bacon, cheddar cheese and scallions…so good! Rachael Ray to the rescue again!

Crammed into our apartment, waiting for kickoff!

My first dessert contribution – ‘Smores Bars! Recipe from Meg Sta

And Irish Carbomb Cupcakes. I made these before for Dave’s birthday, but this time spruced them up a little for football!!

How was your Superbowl Sunday? Dave took today off of work because it’s “his holiday”, and I’m about to head home to pass out on the couch.

P.S. It took me all day to write this post because work is so busy. Time started? 11:20am. Feh.


  1. Oh, how I LOVE BACON

  2. oh man that is so much bacon, haha. love it.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try that bacon cheese roll ever since I saw it on FoodProof!!! What kind of cheese did you use?

  4. wow that is A LOT of bacon. Those apple things looked really good though .. mmmmmmm

  5. Sweet Soft Southern Thrill says

    That is a strange (but amazing) party idea!

  6. yum! and good call with the sam adams keg 🙂

  7. alexa - cleveland's a plum says

    oh you did good girl!

    high five!!!!

  8. I still haven’t recovered! Oh and they were bacon pinwheels ironically with no potatoes, just tasted like it! Bacon Pinwheels

  9. Valley Girl says

    Bacon’ll do it to ya.

  10. High-heel gal says

    Bacon-themed party?! Love it!! Now, about that keg you need help with…;)

  11. insomniaclolita says

    soo much bacon lol and they looked greaaaaaaaaat..

  12. I didn’t even know you could do that much with bacon!

  13. Classy in Philadelphia says

    You look like such a talented cook/baker! I want a cupcake so bad..

    PS- Bacon is the best.

  14. if you have any bacon left over, send it this way.

  15. Bacon overload!


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