Starting off the New Year with Something Old

On the 1st day of the year 2009, I’ve decided to share a journal entry with you, from the year 1998. When I moved with Dave, I found a bunch of my old journals. I was never actually really good about being a consistent writer, except for two years apparently, between 1996-1998. The pic on the right is a scan of the inside cover of this journal. Please enjoy my stunning artistry, and how it looks like a ransom note.

I love reading the crap that I wrote when I was younger. At times, I was definitely emo before emo was even given it’s own title. Even better, from the other journal that I found from 1996, I wrote like teenagers text now. Everything was abbreviated, or I used “z” for “s”, etc. (AKA I was a LOSER.)

Well, without further ado, I bring you my journal entry from January 1, 1998*

It is now 1:12am. The journal of Lacey Danielle [last name redacted], age 14 1/2, will officially begin. Happy New Year; Damn the Man. (I liked Empire Records.) In two days I will be going out with [boyfriend’s name redacted] for two months. It’s going well, + I really do believe that I love him. I feel more strongly about him than anyone else I’ve ever been with. (I got around at 14 1/2.) I go back to school soon, + I’m trying to muster up the willpower to do better. I do wanna do better; but when it come time to do, I just dont. (Gee, smart.) On Jan 4th, I have my camp reunion. I can’t wait to see everyone. It’s at Hot Skates again + Arielle’s coming in from NJ to go. [Annoying girl’s name redacted] wants to go + she wants me to drive her. NO WAY IN HELL! I’m not driving her because everyone will be mad at me for bringing her there. She knows she isn’t wanted, so why does she have to go? NOBODY WANTS HER THERE! CAN’T SHE GET THAT THROUGH HER SKULL? Guess not. Too bad. No one cares.

Okay, I’m done.


Hahaha. Love that I was so angry that this girl wanted to come to the camp reunion. That entry was pretty tame. Maybe for the feature that I’m looking to do here, I’ll post the first entry of each month on the first of the month. Oooh. I also wrote in a bunch of quotes that I thought were of importance (I assume), or pasted stuff in from magazines, so that could get pretty interesting. Anyone else have old journals filled with teenage angst??

*Some names may have been changed to protect the innocent… or something


  1. Classy in Philadelphia says

    Haha, I love it!

    I LOVE finding my old journals. I was so ridiculous with some of the stuff I said. I always acted like my life sucked so bad, when I had it really good!

  2. That’s fantastic. I totally know who you’re talking about too.

  3. I love keeping old stuff around for shitz and giggles. This would def fall into that category.

    Happy New Year gorgeous!!

  4. I love reading through old journals! I have so many of them.

    And about my posts — for some reason google readers don’t update for people who have private journals. Since mine is for invited readers only, it won’t show that my blog has been updated, even if you’re logged in. I hate it, but am getting used to it.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. corkyshell says

    Hahaha so cute Lacey Bean 🙂

  6. Hahaha, don’t feel old! I was born 6 months after the show aired! I’m not that young, and you’re definitely not old! Haha, seriously, it’s the best show ever.

    Too bad those Olsen twins seem to have gone crazyyy lately 🙁

  7. HAHA…very creative cover there.

  8. One of my favorite things is reading old journal entries and reflecting on how lame I once was (not that too much has changed, haha)… wicked funny. :]

  9. Fab artwork!

    I went through a phase in 1995/96 (I was about sixteen) where I wrote obsessively in journals, and it was basically all about this one guy in the year above me in school that I WORSHIPPED. It basically detailed how much I loved him and how many times I’d saw him each day. So pathetic! (I DID eventually snog him when I was 19 though so at least that was something . . . )

  10. haha! yes! This is awesome! I am definitely going to have to dig out that 8th grade journal I have lying around! hahahahahaha

  11. That easily could have been signed by me! ha, oh those angsty years…

  12. That was so cute!! Fun idea!

  13. I love and adore finding my old journals! They’re all in a big box full ‘o crap at my parents house (yes, I’ve lived in DC for 4.5 years and still have things at home in NH for lack of space for them here!)

    One of these days, maybe I will post an entry or two here, for kicks. I was totally lame, I’m sure the entries would be so entertaining to me, if nobody else!

  14. Do old lists of people I wanted to kill count?

  15. Hahaha! That’s just too awesome!

    Sadly, I trashed my old journal. As in ripped up all the pages because I didn’t want anyone reading them in any way shape or form. I know, I’m a little crazy.

    Happy New Year!

  16. haha i LOVE it! i especially love all the “+” signs. cute. I was a big fan of writing “kewl” haha LAME

  17. haha. i totally could have written that entry in 7th grade. funny!

  18. Non Sequitur Chica says

    I only have one or two journals from my childhood and they are HILARIOUS!!!

    If my current self ever ran into my teenager self, I think that I might slap her.

  19. I love it! The other day I found some picture, journal thing that I gave my boyfriend as a present in college – I almost puked.

  20. a mess of a dreamer. says

    oh, i do believe i’ll be stealing this idea. i might even make it into a weekly thing (at first. until i get lazy. or forget.).

    (i’ll give you credit since it’s such a genius idea.)


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