Matisyahu, and how to score free beer

It seems that every post today is a wrap up of 2008, or a long list of resolutions for 2009. Well, I will give you some resolutions, since I actually have some this year, but first I’ll tell you about seeing Matisyahu in Brooklyn last night. Dave got tickets for the Festival of Light tour with a bunch of his friends. I dutifully went along, because, well, why pass up a chance to see the Jewish reggae singer? I also do like Matisyahu, so off we went.

First we had dinner at Sea, which if you haven’t been to yet, you need to go now. Remember the opening scene in Garden State where Zach Braff’s character is working in that restaurant in Cali? Sea is where it was filmed. So I’ve heard. But anyway the atmosphere is awesome, and the food is delicious (and not too pricey!), so you should head on down to Williamsburg and check it out.

We met up with everyone after dinner, and then waited. And waited. And waited. Oh and then like an hour after the doors opened, the opening act went on. He was ok, (I don’t even remember his name), but from where we were hanging out, he looked androgynous. And also like Chunk from The Goonies. Anyway… in between his set and Matisyahu’s, Dave and I went to go get a drink. This is where the free beer comes into play.

Go downstairs. I go to the bathroom (where there was never a line for the ladies room, but always a long line for the mens. It was awesome.) Dave is at the bar, waiting for the bartender. Come out of the bathroom, Dave is still waiting for the bartender. Hipster bartender finally makes his way over. Dave orders a beer. 5 minutes later bartender arrives with beer. Money is on the bar. I ask for a Diet Coke. Bartender does not take money for drinks. 5 more minutes later, bartender is not retrieving Diet Coke. 5 more minutes later, Dave is still holding beer, with money for payment. We become tired of waiting, take both beer and money and peace out back to our friends. Get Diet Coke from upstairs bar. Pay for Diet Coke.

Yay free beer!

Matisyahu finally came on, and he was great. The only problem I had was that the songs went on for way too long (I don’t have the stamina to stand there listening to a 15 minute song), and he kept bringing out special guest after special guest. It was a long night, and Dave and I left around midnight. Lord knows how long he went on after that. It was pretty cool though, and I loved seeing a ton of Orthodox jews rocking out.

The best part? Instead of having a disco ball, Matisyahu had a spinning disco dreidel:

So, as for 2009? I’ve come up with the following resolutions. I prefer to just think of them as things I’d like to keep in mind or accomplish, and we’ll see in 2010 how I did.

1. Go to the gym more often. Hopefully this will start today. Dave has been paying extra money on his membership, and I’ve not been going. At all.

2. See my friends more. I feel like I see everyone less since I’ve moved to the Bronx, and it’s really not an excuse. So I want to be a more involved friend. 🙂

3. And I want to be a better blogger. I don’t want this blog to just be a recap of things that I’ve done, but I would like it to be more insightful and funny. I also want to start doing a weekly thing, and I liked what I did a few weekends ago with “A Weekend in Pictures” so maybe that will be my feature.

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe, be happy, and be intoxicated. 🙂


  1. Sea is deliciousssss. I love it. I also love that spinning dreidel! GO JEWS.

  2. YAY for concerts!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! 🙂

  4. i love the dreidel!!!!!! 🙂


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