I am the worst sick person ever.

I’m dying.

That’s what I’ve been telling Dave every few hours or so. Monday I woke up and knew that my dry throat wasn’t just from our room being too hot. By midday, I was coughing up some lovely things, and by 4:30pm I was home. (And this was after it took me 2 hours to get to work due to some people effing up the trains.)

Today? Out of bed, showering and coughing up more lovely things, and then realizing there was no way I should be at work today. Regardless of the fact that I have an event next Tuesday, it’s better for me to work from home and also not infect everyone in our office.

And here I thought I had made it through the sick period clear, when my whole office was sick and Dave was sick twice. It finally got me, dammit!!

So for today, I sit in the couch, wallowing in my self pity. Tomorrow, pictures of the local “Christmas House” that may give you nightmares. Consider yourselves warned.


  1. Feel Better Lacey!!!

  2. Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better soon …

  3. Feel better soon dollface! I HATE being sick and felt the inklings of it last week. Luckily I think I’m in the clear! (see how I just said that? yeah, tomorrow I’ll be sick. Damn)

  4. aw feel better. and don’t worry, i’m such a lame sick person.

  5. UGH feel better. I’m about to join you on the sick train, though. Blaaah.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! I haven’t been sick yet this year, but I’m scared I’m going to jinx myself…

  7. I’m sick too. Hope you’re feeling better!


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