Seen at the mall: Fashion DON’T

My cousin and I hit up the mall today. No, we didn't go at 4am, we're not insane. (No offense to those of you who did, but that is NOT my idea of a good time.)

But this isn't about the awesome deals that I got, or the huge, ridiculous lines that we saw at some of the stores. (I'm looking at you, Express.). This is about a new trend that's come about, and that I've just noticed.

Apparently, when wearing leggings tucked into boots (leggings as pants, ugh, I know), it is now cool to wear knee socks with your ensemble. So you have leggings, knee socks over the leggings, and boots that come a good few inches below your socks. Why is this ok?? And as a rule, the socks have to be some obscene color or pattern. Otherwise what's the point?

Personally unless going to the gym, I think leggings as pants are bad enough. This sock thing? Just icing on the "what were they thinking?" cake.


  1. I have issues with leggings too. Who on earth looks decent in them? The other stuff just adds to the badness, hmm? You’re pretty brave for facing the mall at all today!

  2. Eek. I like leggings as pants (in moderation, ie: around my apartment, going to the movies on Sundays) but knee socks are just overkill!

  3. Wearing Mascara says

    Yea.. definitely a don’t! I agree with you about leggings too. Hopefully this is a trend that will end SOON!

  4. High-heel gal says

    This sounds like something my 14-year-old students would wear, which is a definite sign that I won’t be sporting it any time soon!

  5. Leggings as pants are a crime! Knee socks over your “pants” are even worse.

  6. OMG thank God that trend hasn’t caught on down here… yet. I am hoping it will skip this southern state đŸ™‚

  7. A co-worker did that the other day! I thought she was just being weird. It’s such a horrid trend. And leggings should NEVER be pants. I wear them for working out, and that’s it.

  8. Leggings… I own them. I look to make my collection bigger. THOUGH I do see exactly what you are talking about. My search for great leggings only goes with the want to wear my dresses and skirts all year long and on my bike. NO WAY in hell I would be caught wear just leggings and a shirt… dare I say… a LONG shirt *cringe* as far as the sock + boots + leggings thing… I have worn these as a combo.. and I think I pulled them off… however let me state that my boots were F’ing awesome.. and my socks were the same color as the leggings (black) and i had a dress on. It was semi “hobo chic”. But again I know what your talking about… it’s this mainstream “indie-rocker-80’s” thing coming in right now. Not a fan!


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