Hold on to your aprons!!

As you should know by now from reading this blog, I love to bake. So when a special occasion or holiday rolls around, I go into overdrive looking up new recipes to try. Cause while I like making old favorites over and over again, there’s nothing like owning a new recipe. (And I mean own like you OWN that shit, now like oh now I printed it out so I own it. Just so we’re clear.)

And this year I’m participating in the Sweet Treat Exchange that Nicole Antoinette is hosting on her blog. Secret Santa with baked goodies involved? SO. THERE. Have you signed up yet? If not, get over there, now!!

Anyway, I found this great website, http://www.christmas-cookies.com/, that has a ton of great cookie recipes, and breaks them down for everyone by bar cookies, cookie cutter, and cookies in a jar. I love giving these as gifts, and the recipes wind up being super easy to make since they are usually one bowl recipes. Little to no mess! But while perusing this site, I found some questionable recipes that I had to share:

Cranberry Hootycreeks – What in the hell is a hootycreek? The recipe looks delicious, and I can’t wait to make these, but seriously, a hootycreek? Did the person who came up with the cookies live in Hootycreek? Was their last name Hootycreek? I think I just like saying hootycreek. 🙂

Dreamsicle Cookies in a Jar – These cookies have Tang (or another “powdered orange drink mix”) in the recipe. To me, that’s pretty weird. I understand that they give the cookies a “tangy” orange taste, but I feel like this would be the same as adding Kool-Aid to cookie dough. Blech.

Potato Chip Cookies – The title alone says it all. Seriously? Potato chips? I get that it probably adds a great type of saltiness to the cookies, but eww. Potato chips??? I just don’t see how that could be good.

Besides these three recipes of atrociousness, this website has a lot of great ones, which I can’t wait to try. I’m already making two desserts for Thanksgiving dinner(s) though, so I guess everything else will have to wait until the treat exchange and the holidays!

Have anything good that you’re making?


  1. I won’t be making it, but I’m looking forward to my Grandma’s Congo Bars.

    2 Layers of cookie dough with a mixture of cream cheese eggs and vanilla in the middle.


  2. I’m pretty sure I like saying hootycreek too.

    a lot.

  3. umm hootycreek is a pretty sweet word, even if we have no idea what it means.

  4. what an amazing website..i think i found a new place to waste half of my time! what desserts are you making for thanksgiving?

    i made a flourless chocolate cake tonight for my mom’s birthday and i have GOT to give you the recipe, it was amazing, and i think you’d love it!

  5. I have no idea what I will contribute to Thanksgiving and now I am feeling guilty.

    Thanks for the links and inspiration to get my act together.

  6. Wearing Mascara says

    Hey there!

    I am so jealous of your baking capabilities! Hopefully I will someday get there as well. Tomorrow, I am baking my first pie EVER… a Pumpkin Pie. Even though it looks fool-proof, I am still nervous nonetheless. Hopefully it will be as fabulous as the other Pumpkin Pies I love! Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. hooty hoo!

    you got an award over here:


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