What’s next, an 8 Track??

Call me old fashioned. No go ahead, do it.

I still like to go out and buy CDs. GASP!! I know, I’m so behind the times. I used to download songs online before something screwy happened with our router and now we can’t anymore (boo), and occasionally since then I’ve purchased singles off of iTunes if I’m fiending to have them on my iPod. (I’m cheap, I don’t want to pay for music that I can get online in “other ways”.)

But regardless if I can get the music online or not, there’s something about walking into the store, and physically purchasing the CD that I want. Then again – there’s like no stores left to buy music! Remember Sam Goody, and The Wall? I used to love The Wall because your CD or CASSETTE TAPE (oh man I’m old) came with that little blue sticker that said you could return it at anytime if it got effed up. I miss The Wall. L Anyway, so now it’s basically Borders or Barnes & Nobles if I want to get ripped off, or Amazon.com.

Anyway, so I enjoy buying CDs! I like taking it home, unwrapping the cellophane, taking 25 minutes to pry off those stupid stickers that prevent the case from opening, adding it to my iTunes, and then putting it either in my car to listen to, or adding it to Dave’s and my CD rack. (It’s pretty humorous seeing his Nine Inch Nails CD next to my Clueless Soundtrack. Hahahah!) Downloading the album, although instantly gratifying, doesn’t have the same feel.

Anyone else old fashioned like me? Anyone????

With that, here are the three CDs that I’m going to purchase from Amazon, once I cash my change at CoinStar and get me an Amazon gift card. (WooT!):

OMFGG – Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl. I found out about this today from Kate at Nautical by Nature. And I want it. Now. Every time an episode ends I wait to see what music was featured. Cause it’s ALWAYS good. And how can you not love the title?

Kings of Leon – Only by the Night. I’m kind of obsessed with their song Sex on Fire. And the singers voice.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – The Soundtrack. I didn’t even see the movie (I wanted to so bad – just never got around to it), but the soundtrack sounds so good. I love when movies have awesome soundtracks, like Garden State, or Almost Famous.

Any recommendations you want to pass my way also? I’m always up for some new stuff to tune out my fellow subway riders with. 🙂

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  1. DUDE! Sex on Fire is, like, my new obsession as well. I only just heard it for the first time a week ago.

    What a SHAME!

    And CDs? I am RIGHT there with you – through and through. I’ve also begun purchasing vinyl. Mwuahaha

  2. You will love those first 2 CDs. I haven’t heard the last one. I missed the movie when it was out 🙁

  3. Totally the same for me. I like having the hard copy just in case something happens to my computer.

    Sondre Lerche is really good, as is Lenka.

  4. That Kings of Leon album is pretty good. And that song is just too sexy!

    Give Land of Talk a listen on iTunes. They’re really good, you might like them.

    And I too, still buy CDs. I love them, and their packaging.


  6. I buy my CD’s at FYE and sometimes at Newbury Comics.

    FYE is the best these days.

  7. I really only buy CDs when I go to shows, and I’m handing the money to a member of the band, or if I know I wont find it elsewhere.

    I do however buy a lot of vinyl, just cause it has always been an obsession of mine.

  8. I go to Newbury Comics all the time. I love buying actual CD’s.

  9. O I love to buy CD’s when I have money! There is definitely something endearing about those stickers that are so hard to pick off! And seeing the artwork on the actual CD when you open it up!
    Have you head of The Features or The Octopus Project? The features have a new CD and are local to me. The Octopus Project I haven’t kept up with but the ONE TEN HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION CD is pretty good! 🙂

  10. Admittedly, I don’t buy CDs anymore. Admittedly, I also want the Gossip Girl soundtrack. 🙂

  11. i still buy cds every once and a while. i’m a sucker for playing it in my car and like having the pretty booklet inside.

    but then again i also buy from itunes too, i guess i’m split.

  12. I like to buy CDS too!!! downloading music on my computer always messed it up somehow and im not gonna pay $1 a song for other programs, i feel like that would add up so fast. my friend has 1000 songs and pays for them… thats $1000!!!! ridiculous. CDS are the best haha

  13. Your Ill-fitting Overcoat says

    I’ve been really getting into the Kings of Leon after a few blog commenters suggested them to me. I randomly know someone who’s dating one of the guys and had no idea they were so famous!


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