It’s Googleicious!!

I am so tired, I feel like my eyes are going to fall out of my face. 5:15am wake up, in the city by 6:15am, and on my feet, working and greeting speakers all day until 6pm. Oh the joys of event planning!!

This guy who is interviewing at our company was there today, to see what we consider to be the final product of what we do. Apparently he was very knowledgeable about our company, and was also counting attendees in the room during sessions (which is something we do) Not sure if he thought this would be impressive or what. But then, I find out from my coworker that not only did he do that, but he also knew my name, and the name of my two colleagues that are in my department. And “did research on us.” Immediately I think, “WTF did he Google me?”, and wonder what he could of found out. So now, I’m home, and Googling myself. 🙂

First thing that pops up? My track times from the racing that we did a few weekends ago. I had gotten the results emailed to me, but had no idea they posted them online too. So people could see I came 5 out of 10? (Woo!!)

Next is an article I wrote for my internship, when I was working for a small magazine (which is unfortunately now defunct.) Followed right after this are articles that I wrote for my college newspaper, including my favorite one about how students at my school were treating the Livestrong bracelets as a fad, and not caring that they were actually for charity. (It was awesome. And got a ton of hits on the paper’s website. Win.)

I’m apparently on one of those classmate finder websites, I wonder if my school is even going to have a reunion? We didn’t have a 5 year, hopefully they’ll get their act together and throw together a 10 year.

And apparently I’ve contributed to Overheard in New York, but have no idea what it was that got accepted. I wish I knew. Must have been super funny!!

And that’s all I got. I guess that’s a good amount though. I like that I can Google myself and things actually pop up, unlike Dave who searches for himself and can barely get anything because a) his last name is fairly common, and b) he shares his name with a famous someone. Not saying who!

I’ve definitely been guilty of Googling people when I first meet them, especially potential boyfriends/dates. And other random people just for kicks. But it was SO random that this dude interviewing at my company, NOT in my department, had “researched” myself and my coworkers. WEIRD.

What’s your Google status?


  1. I try to avoid being Googleable, but I doubt I would ever rank very high anyway because there is a doctor with the same name. Sometimes Googling myself just kind of makes me feel like a loser and uncool. Someone with my maiden name was a competitive snowboarder and I share my married name with a doctor.

    Oh, and I’m guessing Matthews; is it Matthews?

  2. my google status shows my facebook, my linkedin, my blogher profile, a group photo from when i worked at my college, aaaand that’s about it that’s mildly cool. oh google, i love you.

  3. Like Katelin…Googling myself turns up nothing remotely interesting. I just wrote and posted a post about it. LOL. I’m boring. 🙂

  4. Oh god… my vimeo account (i need to change that), facebook, linkedin, a few news articles from work, and a 2001 camp picture.


  5. theycallmecurlysue says

    That’s just a little spooky he knew your name and “researched” you. How on earth did he find out your name and he’s not even there for your department? Sounds bizarre. I just wrote about this the other day on my blog. I get a lot of songs about Sara(h). Nothing special. My Facebook doesn’t even show up because I don’t let it show up 😉 I like to be untrackable—well, as much as I can.

  6. There are five links on the first page that actually have something to do with me. Last time I Googled myself I only found one. I’m moving up on the interwebz chain of existence!

  7. I have an alias so I’m not googleable by potential employers. Oh and said alias is my real name, but one letter different. I know, SUPER SMART.

  8. Christy Lou Who says

    I just googled myself the other day too! The first three things that come up are librarian-y things (which I can get behind) and a 5k I ran a couple years ago (also, something I can get behind). I’m glad you were happy with your google self too!

  9. I can never find the “real” me on google. There are quite a few athletes with my name apparently!


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