It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

At least that’s what the sky looks like outside. Dark as hell and the clouds are rushing by a mile a minute. It’s definitely adding to what’s been a crappy morning..

– I’m pretty sure that this horrendous weather caused Dave and I to both wake up late. I do LOVE rushing around like a lunatic trying to get ready on time. Let’s just say that my outfit? May or may not match.

– My favorite umbrella is broken. ๐Ÿ™ Meaning I had to take the crappy little one that I have with me, instead of my super cool one that encompasses nearly my entire upper body.

– Two parts of my Halloween costume are still missing. They better arrive by Friday!

– Because I woke up late, I feel super exhausted. Which sucks. Boo.

– My office feels damp. It’s gross, and my hands are really cold.

– It’s only Tuesday.

– Because of some other stuff, Dave and I can’t go to a Halloween party that was planned for tonight. Sad face.

But in spite of the crappiness, there are some positives for today…

+ Because we’re not going out, we’re going to make dinner. Beer Chicken, Chili Lime Corn, and then I’m going to make Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. Yum!!

+ Even though it was raining buckets, our apartment didn’t flood! That’s always good! (Fingers crossed it stays that way!)

+ Season 2 Disc 4 of The Office came in Netflix, so guess what we’ll be watching!!!

+ It’s Tuesday, which means we have a dodgeball game on Thursday, and Halloween is Friday!!! Both will be AWESOME.

+ My leftover Thai from yesterday is just as delicious today.

How are you all handling today? (Especially if you have crappy weather too!!)


  1. I had a major dental appointment this morning, so my mouth is somewhere between totally numb and really sore. But, I have beautiful teeth!

  2. I woudl really like some banana chocolate chip muffins!

  3. UGHHH, the weather is horrible, and my hands are freezing, and I have a fever…boo.

    Yay for cooking dinner tonight though!

  4. LegallyBoston says

    This is really random, but do you play Dodgeball with someone named Anthony??

  5. The Brooklyn Boy says

    Is it bad that I saw your dinner menu and my only thought was, “Mmmm … beer” ?

  6. Lisa-Marie says

    I’ve had a fairly good day. It’s freezing cold, but it was that only slightly overcast and kind of sunny kind, not the gale-force wind and torrential rain kind.

    I had a really interesting seminar in Uni, and then I came home and made dinner(lasagne). Its onlt 7.30, and I’ve completed everything on my ‘to do for uni’ list for today.

  7. seriously, can you please come cook at my place? haha. you make the most amazing meals.

  8. My hands have been cold ALL WEEK. It’s horrible. I just want spring to hurry up and get here ๐Ÿ™

  9. It rained non-stop here last week and now it’s just cold and windy – I prefer that. I actually had a fairly good Tuesday (and I usually HATE Tuesdays) AND I managed to go for my first run in years earlier so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and ready to let myself have a bit of junk food as a reward . . . your planned dinner sounds fabulous!

  10. Yeah, this weather is totally crazy. Did you know it might snow tonight?! SNOW!! That’s insane!

  11. beer chicken and banana chocolate chip muffins? um, yum!

  12. transienttravels says

    beer chicken, what is that all about? it sounds great.

  13. It’s supposed to be spring in Sydney, but it just had to rain and be humid at the same time. Chilli Lime Corn sounds awesome.=D

  14. Princess Extraordinaire says

    I am hoping that your day got better as it’s Wednesday now….your dinner sounds delicious!! When can I come over?? I am tired from literally being awake all night – hopefully I can catch up tonight!

  15. Yeah, yesterdays weather was HORRIBLE… But at least today is nicer ๐Ÿ™‚


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