(Over)eager for Fall!

Maybe it’s the abundance of apples in our apartment, or that the weather has been on the colder side this week. But whatever it is, Dave and I jumped into Fall full force!

In our first foray into using up the plethora of apples, I was going to make Rachael Ray’s Creamy Chicken-Apple Chili. Except that yours truly is a moron, and doesn’t actually read things occasionally, so instead of defrosting chicken, I defrosted chopped meat.


So now with the wrong type of meat in front of me, I decided to make burgers! Since my Blue Cheese Burgers were such a success for Whip It Up, I took a chance and came up with Cheddar/Gouda Apple Burgers! Or Cheddar/Gouda Burgers w/ Grilled Apple!

Cheddar/Gouda Burgersw/ Grilled Apple

These came out so well! I took a basic burger recipe, and added shredded cheddar and gouda cheese, chili powder, a little sugar and salt. Also cored and sliced an apple, and grilled the slices to put on top of the burgers. Delicious!

Also, on Wednesday, Dave and I carved our pumkins. We realized that Halloween was still weeks away after we had already started carving. Oh well. Maybe they’ll last until Halloween, and maybe they wont.

Halloween Creations

A few things – Yes, I laid out a JCrew catalog to protect our floor. Whatever, they’re overpriced and it’s not like I was going to buy anything from them anyway. Also, as much as I’d like to lie, Dave and I are not that talented. We totally used stencils to carve out our pumpkins.

And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, my pumpkin is the cute little one on the left, and Dave’s is the ginormous one on the right. 🙂


  1. Dude Dave’s pumpkin wins. I approve. Yours looks like a moose head with bat wings for ears. Though I do have a particular affinity for moosebats. So you half win.

  2. Aww! I love your bat pumpkin!!

  3. The burger looks amazing! Gouda and apple…Mmm.

  4. Good pumpkin carving! I’m pretty sure that if I get around to carving one, I will have to really clearly explain what I end up carving since I’m sure it will look like a big ol’ mess and not anything that can be figured out by the mere human eye. Wish me luck!

  5. Nice pumpkins! I can’t wait to carve mine.

  6. awww i love your carved pumpkins!! and your apple burgers look delish. I’d have to change the name to Apple Bottoms though lol 🙂

  7. nicoleantoinette says

    Ooo I love fall! And apples! And Halloween!

    So! Many! Exclamation! Points!


  8. Pensacola Beach Vacation says

    nice pupkins

  9. That is so funny about the meat, that is totally something I would do 😀 And who can REALLY carve a pumpkin themselves anyway? I am not sure if I want to even carve B’s pumpkin. I think I am just going to write on it… whadda think?


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