We Don’t Need No Water Let the Motha F*cka Burn!

Dave made a delicious dinner tonight.

There was Steak Au Poivre, courtesy of Alton Brown, and asparagus simmered in garlic.

But before all of that, there was this:

Steak Au Poivre fire

Dave made the steak with a brandy based sauce, which you have to LIGHT ON FIRE in the pan. See the middle picture there? Where the flames are touching the very top of the frame? That’s because the flames were HITTING OUR CEILING!

Yes, of course I stood by, safely hidden behind the refrigerator, taking pictures while Dave acted as Fire Marshall.

As it was supposed to, the flames died down relatively fast, and as Dave swears,

“They weren’t that high on Alton Brown!”

But as it was, dinner was delicious, and Dave says that next time, he’ll put the pan on the floor before lighting it on fire.


  1. Wow that is crazy!

  2. Oh WOW

  3. Christy Lou Who says

    You guys seem like you’re doing a lot of (good sounding) cooking lately! Yum!

  4. Both slightly alarming and hilarious. Love that you made sure to take photos.

  5. Holy crap! that is an awesome picture of a serious fire! I saw your tweet last night and this is great! Your dinner sounded amazing.

  6. Your BF is BRAVE! I think I would have gotten the fire extuinguisher (sp?) out by then đŸ™‚ And serioulsy, what is it with Men and ALton Brown, my hubs tries to re-create his recipes all the time.

  7. haha wow, now that is some extreme cooking.

  8. Wearing Mascara says

    Great pictures! I just found your blog and it’s awesome! I’m going to add you to my blogroll if that’s okay. Check out my blog too if you get a chance!


  9. theycallmecurlysue says

    OMG. Flames. I have a fire extinguisher.



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