What does a monkey have to do with it?

What’s that? Did you think just because the Whip it Up Challenge is over, that you wouldn’t be hearing about my continuing triumphs in the kitchen?


Anyway, enough with the melodramatics. I found yet another Rachael Ray recipe that I wanted to try out, for what she calls Monkey Bread Minis. Some people have heard of that name before, but I hadn’t, so I like to refer to them as Mini Pull-Aparts. Your choice – but you must choose wisely.

Monkey Bread Minis

Now these – are GOOD. Dave is slightly obsessed, and people are always confused on how you get the pieces to stick together, and in that shape. (It’s in muffin tins… not that confusing!)

I would say that next time I’ll be more careful in measuring the size of my dough. The recipe was supposed to make 12 servings, but I only got like, 10. Something else I learned – you can’t mix 2 cups of flour with other dry ingredients AND cut up pieces of butter in a mini food processor. Lesson learned. But it still turned out fine, and I wound up mixing the final dough with my hand-held mixer, and wound up with the same consistency that I was supposed to have if all done with the food processor.

One thing I found slightly annoying was that in the picture of the Monkey Bread Minis on the Rachael Ray website, the minis had a drizzle on them, like you’d find on Cinnamon Buns. But this wasn’t anywhere in the recipe! I wound up taking a recipe for the “drizzle” off of RecipeZaar, but was disappointed. Although the final product tasted great, their servings converter definitely did not work correctly. Dave helped me wing it, and it was good in the end, but I’ll be looking for a different version of the recipe next time.

Or if you have a good cinnamon bun icing recipe, pass it on!!


  1. LovesPINKandPEARLS says

    yum monkey bread!

  2. These look delicious!

  3. nice job! I’m totally going to try making those ๐Ÿ™‚

    (now that I have a step my step picture montage)

  4. monkey bread is so amazing! my mother makes it every year on christmas morning, its a tradition!


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