Sooo Fierce!

So OMG I just saw Christian Siriano from Project Runway Season 4 outside my job!

There were two guys walking with these HUGE garment bags behind them, and as I finally got closer to see, one of them was Christian!! He is sooo little. I wanted to say something but I would either sound like an ass, and he was clearly working. His garment bags probably had COUTURE items in them, or perhaps some AVANT GARDE fashions.

I was seriously so excited that I ran back to my office after my errand to tell my boss haha. This made my day. Yay!


  1. AAAAHHH that is way cool!

  2. Found him so freaking annoying right up until the episode where they showed his his teensy tiny apartment/studio where he literally slept in a mattress in the closet. And then Oh, how I felt his pain.

  3. Ok, be honest– how hard was it to resist the urge to put him in your purse and run away? He is so teeny, bitchy, and adorable.

  4. theycallmecurlysue says

    This guy is so small! When I saw him on Ugly Betty he was a dwarf compared to everyone else. Poor guy!

  5. I love the SNL skit with Amy Poehler. It kills me. That was actually the first time I heard of this little dude… I’m sheltered.

  6. oh my gosh! I’m jealous! I find him annoying as hell to be honest but I would not be able to fight the urge to mob him if seen on the street!

  7. Who?


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