From Ear to Ear

Things making me smile:

It’s Friday! That’s obviously cause for celebration. Yes, I have to go straight from work to Dave’s Bronx Underground show to work the merch table, but that’s ok.

Tomorrow is the Olympic Day Bar Crawl!! Super excited to go, and hopefully in my drunken stupor I’ll remember to take pictures from each “country” that we’re in.

This website. So. many. duckies. As I told Dave, he can never say anything ever again about my rubber duck collection.

A text from Dave:

“I stopped by moms house, Adrienne (his sister) and the boys were over (his nephews). First words out of Jesse’s mouth: “Where’s Lacey?”

Yesssssssss. I love it. Jesse is almost 2 & 1/2.

The leftover blue cheese burger that I had for dinner last night. Still delicious. WIN. And the pickles that went with it, which reminds me, I need to buy more pickles, because I definitely polished off that jar within a week. (I have a sickness.)

My updated blogroll. Couldn’t tell ya the last time I got to that. Check it out in all its updatedness glory.

This website,, wanted to use a picture of mine when talking about what Michael Phelps eats for training. (EVERYONE is talking about that!) Random, but cool!

I saw a rainbow yesterday!! On the way home from the train, there was a HUGE rainbow in my neighborhood. I took some pics from my car, but of course didn’t upload them yet. So imagine a rainbow.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. yay for fridays and delicious burgers and bar crawls. woo. have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Digicolleen says

    yay for rubber duckies! I have about 500 in a 400 square foot apt. in NYC (I am a master at strategic duck placement so they don’t take over the place ;). You should check out It is for collectors! And you should come out for rubber Duckfest 09! I’m hosting it out here in NYC next summer!


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