Potty Manners

What do you think is worse?

When you have to go to the bathroom at work, and you’re responsible for the resulting odor (I’m talking about going at work, you know…) OR

Going to the bathroom innocently, with it already having been made odorifous by a previous inhabitant, only to have someone walk in to use another stall, and therefore they think that YOU are responsible for the foulness in the air?

I mean really, both are bad, but I don’t want to get blamed for something I didn’t do! (haha do.)

Our bathrooms at work have two stalls (which is much better than our previous office, which had one, for boys and girls both to share – ew). And many times when I go in there to relieve myself of the gallons of iced coffee/diet coke I have consumed, the foulness is afoot.

And whatever, I mean, I plug my nose, go into the least offensive stall, and do my thing. But whenever someone comes into the bathroom after me, I cringe knowing that they probably think that I am the culprit.

So what does one do? I for one hightail it the hell out of there, hoping to flush, wash and flee before they have a chance to crack open the door and see my face.

I don’t know about your office, but in mine, the bathroom isn’t a place for chitchat. People that you normally would say hi to and gossip with in the office, you give a wary head nod and maybe a small hello in the bathroom. (Weird, right?) Being so, I’d feel weird coming out of the stall and doing an “It wasn’t me!” Shaggy impersonation to whoever is in the bathroom too.

Damn you, non-ventilated bathroom!!


  1. I’m the kind of person who feels weird when people see me in the bathroom. I book it in and out of those stalls too quickly for the human eye to notice…much less blame me for any offensive odor. 🙂

  2. Also bad: You walk into the bathroom and it reeks. Then you have to choose a stall. Except it always happens that someone walks in at the same moment I’m checking which is the offending stall, so I have to use whatever one I’m in at the moment. Which is always the stankiest.

  3. I think being responsible for the smell is worse. If I didn’t do it, at least I KNOW I didn’t cause it. I think all bathrooms should have some sort of ventilation system installed. It would save everyone from the embarrassment.

  4. I hate using the bathroom when other people are in it. I will walk back out if I see that the other stall in the nearest bathroom is occupied. It’s only at work–because I have to WORK with those people, you know?

  5. hahahaha its scary because I have thought the same questions. my bathroom at work is TINY with only two stalls. And I always just pray no one comes in during those moments. but when they do? I just high tail it outta there.

  6. I’m the asshole that blames the smell on others even if it was mine. I’ll say something like “ew it stinks in here” to detract from the idea it was me that made it stinky. LOL

  7. Glutton For Punishment says

    In my old office building, the landlord was such a prick and was so cheap that he took away the paper towels because they got too expensive and installed those hand dryers that barely get ur hands warm. So people started using seat covers for paper towels. Then he put a sign up that said if people continue to do that, we will lose our seat cover privlidges. Then “some” smartass on the floor taped a sign to his sign that said, “And then what? Are you gonna take away our toilet paper too?”

    So glad to be outta there and in a nice and fresh and clean building…love your blog and added it to my blogroll from one JAP to another!


  8. funny, I just had this conversation with two of my co-workers last week. we have one bathroom on each floor (four floors) and it is just a bathroom- no stalls (converted rowhouse), so they are unisex (yes, ew)

    the two ladies I was talking to said how they are on the lower level, and the bathroom down the hall is apparently where everyone goes to do their business. of course, its the guys who never turn on the fan or use air freshener spray afterward! ughhhh.

  9. Hey, found you through Jenn’s blog. Just had to say… you should consider yourself lucky that your coworkers don’t consider the bathroom to be a place for small talk and chit-chat. There are a few women in my office who will strike up lengthy conversations with me while I’m trying to… um… do my business. I have “stage-fright” as it is… their banter certainly does not help. Sigh.


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