Is inflation affecting my breakfast?

I go to Dunkin Donuts basically every workday morning, to get my Medium Hazelnut Iced Coffee (Hot coffee when it’s cold out) and Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese (bagel variety may differ daily). On most days, the total is $4.32. Some other days, it’s $4.76. Now usually, I let this difference of 44 cents slide, because although I am a cheap Jew, I’m not that cheap. (Usually.)

Today, I order my iced coffee, and I order my Toasted Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese. I’m pulling out 35 cents, in the hope that it’ll be $4.32 today, and when I look up, the register says $5.08.

I give the cashier a WTF face and demand to know why it’s $5.08. She looks at me all confused, and I explain to her that usually its $4.32, sometimes $4.76, but why in the hell is it $5.08 today? Cashierchick tries to explain something to me about how if I ordered a large then the price would be cheaper because of such and such deal (which I don’t understand – why is it cheaper when I’m getting more? I understand like, value meals and all, but it’s a freakin iced coffee.)

“I order the same thing every day, medium sized, and it’s $4.32 (most of the time). It’s not cheaper because it’s a large – so why is it $5.08 today??”

The scowl that this girl threw in my direction at 8:45 in the morning was priceless, as she voided my items off of the register and re-rang it up to equal the magical dollar amount of $4.32. I smiled and said thank you, and moved down to wait for my bagel.

Moral of the story – never try to argue a Jew (or a JAP for that matter) about money. We’ll win. Always.


  1. How did this even happen!? Good for you, bringing it up…I totally would have been intimidated by the scowl, all pre-coffee and all.

  2. wow, i am impressed! However, i only pay $3.89 for my med iced coffee and toasted plain bagel w/strawberry cream cheese :oP

  3. twentysomethingandclueless says

    That’s weird!! Good on you for saying something. 🙂 I love Dunkin Donuts’ bagels too.

  4. mmmmm… DD. Love it!

    Also – TAG! Time for a meme…

  5. Dude, now I really want a donut.

  6. A Margarita says

    I second LSpoon. Glazed, preferably!

  7. over the seven years I have been working at my school, the diner across the street has raised their large coffee price every year, sometimes twice a year. It has gone from $0.90 to $1.65 over that time.

    That’s almost 100% inflation. My prediction is that it will be $2 by 2010.

    Damn worthless american money!

  8. The Europa near my work is the same way. Mysteriously, the price of the same order will change from day to day. But if it goes above $5, I will protest!

  9. surviving myself says

    Moral is noted.

  10. I would have argued too. Then again, I’m also Jewish, at least technically.

  11. Traci Anne says

    I can’t even describe the amount of force with which my water snorked up my nose when I read this entry. OW. Also, damn DD employees are always so grouchy! Dudes, you’re surrounded by DONUTS AND COFFEE. BE NICER.


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