Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!

Ok let’s pretend that this was written on Sunday, like it was supposed to have been, and also yay it’s my 200th post!! (yaaaaaaaaaaay!)

This past weekend brought Dave’s birthday (he’s OLD now) and BEER FEST!!! We went to BEER FEST!! last year with a couple of friends and it was a lot of fun. This year, since it was on Dave’s actual birthday, we packed 9 of us into a 2-bedroom suite on the site of the BEER FEST!! (yes I have to capitalize it each time and mark it with multiple exclamation points) and had ourselves a ho-down. Ok not a ho-down (hypen? no hyphen?) but it was slightly ridiculous. Let’s just say going to the supermarket to pick up “a case of beer and some stuff for breakfast” turned into a full cart of beer, drinks, snacks and breakfasty foods… and a rubber football. Which got thrown around by the boys in every parking lot possible.

Since it was a- Dave’s birthday and b- BEER FEST!!, I of course had to bake something. What, you may inquire? These:

Oh but these aren’t just any ordinary cupcakes. These, my dear friends (freaders, whatever) are IRISH CUPCAKE BOMBS. Or as I like to refer to them, “IRISH CARBOMB CUPCAKES”.

Oh yes.

I was referred to The Reckless Chef by her friend and roommate Big Time Fancy. And once I saw this recipe, well it was a done deal.

It’s a pretty simple recipe, and after the first batch came out and Dave was granted permission to have one, he declared them a success.

My only suggestion? I put a hell of a lot more Bailey’s into the frosting than the recipe called for. And it was a beautiful thing.

And also, WiscoBlonde stayed with me for two days while shadowing a doctor here in NY. (And she thought my apartment was swank – hah! I guess after seeing a friend’s teeny tiny apartment in the city and then coming to our apartment in the BX, it looks a lot nicer than I think it is – haha.) Although we barely got to really hang out or anything, we did have a lovely girl bonding moment watching Juno and stuffing our faces with ice cream. Oh and she brought us goodies from Crumbs, which is a surefire way to win me over. 🙂


  1. I want to make those cupcakes. So, you didn’t make any changes to the recipe?

  2. Um those cupcakes look amazing. I’m sold.

  3. Um, Bailey’s in frosting is the BEST IDEA EVER. Yum.

  4. Yaaaaay! So glad you liked them!

    Also, I totally support the addition of extra Bailey’s to the frosting. I didn’t have a ton left in the bottle, or I would have used more.

  5. That sounds like SUCH a fun birthday! Awww yay! And those cupcakes look delish!

  6. Aw yay! Glad you liked ’em!

    They were a HUGE hit at our (mine & Jenny’s) house. And by that, I mean I ate 6.

  7. Joy @ Big Time Fancy says

    And I’m a dumbass and can’t even comment correctly. The last one was from me.

  8. BEER FEST? Really. I’m uber jealous!

  9. leishblog says

    Baileys in anything tastes good. Super Yum. Great idea!

  10. twentysomethingandclueless says

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Those cupcakes sounds delish! Happy belated to Dave 🙂

  11. A Margarita says

    Yum! You should tots bring those to BlogCon 😉

  12. Those cupcakes sound AWESOME. Must try!

  13. WiscoBlonde says

    You’re the best! The cupcakes were delicious, I can attest from experience and I can’t wait to make them myself! Take care!

  14. Julie Q says

    my new conquest this weekend is to find an irish carbomb cupcake!! cos that looks awesome


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