Ramblin’ on My Mind

Where did this weekend go?

Oh that’s right, I was busy pretending to be a good Jew.

Man that takes up a lot of time!

I really can’t complain though… I love my family – they are SUPER entertaining. Get some wine in us and we’re good to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

You know what’s bad? When you’re on the subway and someone next to you smells, but you can’t figure out what the smell is. And it’s not like, body odor, but just something weird. And then the person with the offending smell sits right next to you, and you worry the entire subway ride until you can change seats that the smell is going to permeate your jacket. Of course I don’t worry about stuff like that, but you know…

The new Shins album that I purchased from Target is making me very happy today. I’m especially infatuated with the song Phantom Limb. Oh and the album is from like 2007 but whatever, it’s new to me. Meanwhile I totally thought they were British, and they’re from freakin Portland. Slightly less enticing then?

My cousin’s birthday is coming up soon, but since she was in town for the Jewish holiday, she got gifts now. She’s really into cooking and baking (she made Passover dinner basically herself for 16 people), so my super awesome family gave her the new Top Chef cookbook, and I made her a cookie mix.

This idea came from my friend Sarah over at Hurry Up & Wait . It went over sooo well, my cousin was super excited about it, and was really easy. Of course I went insane with ribbon and stuff, but I have problems.

I’m going to do this more often for friends, and I just have to figure out what other baking recipes I have that will fit in a quart jar like the one I used. Also my family at first thought that I bought it for my cousin! They couldn’t believe that I had made it, which is awesome, and Dave was trying to figure out ways that he could chain me to the kitchen and make me crank them out so we can sell them haha.


  1. Soup. Soup mix in a jar. Probably not so much now, but in the fall/winter…soup is where its at.

  2. Yum! That cookie recipe sounds good. I always make oatmeal chocolate chip but the addition of nuts sounds good too! (I’m a stalker and zoomed into the photo to view the recipe. Yup.)

  3. Alexandra says

    I got one of those as a gift a while ago too and it was wonderful. I’ve seen soup ones too and those would also be cool!

  4. This is such a cute gift idea. I made some of these a couple years ago for my ex’s mother. She loved them!

  5. Jamie Lovely says

    Yum! I would love to get one of those as a gift!

  6. Adorable gift!

    My coworker had a seder with all non-Jews this weekend, so my assistant recorded all the prayers in Hebrew for him to play at the event.

  7. I love that idea! Cheap and cute! And no one has to know that I’m terrible at actually baking cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. surviving myself says

    you’re right, it is much more appreciated when I know what the smell is. “Hmm, pee and wet newspaper, nice.”

  9. thats an awesome gift!

  10. Here’s a great website where I’ve stolen a bunch of jar mixes from: http://www.heart4home.net/giftsinajar.htm


  11. Anonymous says

    The Shins are from Portland?!

    ..I think I’ll just pretend their British then.


  1. […] them down for everyone by bar cookies, cookie cutter, and cookies in a jar. I love giving these as gifts, and the recipes wind up being super easy to make since they are usually one bowl recipes. Little […]


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