Gettin Crafty!

My parents were bugging me this morning to go through stuff in my old room. They want to redo it, with me moving out and all. Not to mention I haven’t lived there in over two years.

What is it about old crap that makes us want to keep it? I don’t miss that stuff any other time during the year, but when it’s brought to me to either keep or throw out, I can’t bear to get rid of things that otherwise wouldn’t cause me to bat my eye.

Oh packrattyness…. why must you taunt me?

In other news, I finished my t-shirt blanket!!! I mentioned this before once I got the idea from RA. I had all of these old t-shirts (again, hello inner packrat) and I decided to turn them into a comfy blanket! I used a pattern I found online, and after a quick sewing machine lesson from my mom, we have this:


I got the blanket at Duane Reade for like $5.99, and the rest was easy! Except cutting the t-shirts… that sucked!! But I love it! It’s super snuggly, and a great memento for me without keeping 20 odd shirts!! Some of them are super old too, like my Park City Day Camp t-shirt that I wore when I was 4! (And in my punk teen phase). And the Little Shop of Horrors shirt from my junior high school play in 1997.

It’s awesome! Although slightly messy from my first time sewing and all… but I think that adds character and personalization. ๐Ÿ™‚


I figured a lot of the t-shirts are self explanatory, volleyball, summer camp, JHS, HS, college, band t-shirts, etc. But then there’s the “90 lbs of Fury” shirt. Short summary – one of my friends in college, who was also on my RA staff called me that. Apparently as the Asst. Director of my dorm, at 5’2 and 100 something pounds, I was intimidating to students. (Go me!) So hence, 90 lbs of Fury was born. And I wrote it on the back of my soccer shirt. Grrrr!!


  1. Very cool! Maybe I should do that too, I’m having a hard time parting with my T-shirt collection.

  2. One more thing: Do you think throwing in a sweatshirt would work, or would the different fabric weights mess things up?

  3. Christy Lou Who says

    I always think in my head how I should do craft stuff like that, but then I get scared and usually back out. So I guess what I’m saying is nice job not fearing domesticity (like me).

  4. LHash – I think a sweatshirt would work fine. I had to sew the shirts onto a fleece blanket, and didnt have to make any adjustments, so I dont see why you would have to with a sweatshirt! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. very cool tshirt blanket! That picture should be your new background on the computer

    I suck at sewing! So that is very good work in my eyes

  6. nicoleantoinette says

    Hahaha 90 lbs of fury. That would be, like, my legs.

  7. Awesome idea. And yes, 90lbs of fury did need some explanation. Haha.

  8. This is awesome, I love it! I need to tackle this idea some day!

  9. says

    i totally need to do that for boyfriend…he has so many old teeshirts. except i don’t have a sewing machine. blah.

  10. AlexCanteen says

    Eddie I…the hockey games were intense…

    SLC for life

  11. Nice! A t-shirt quilt is a great way to declutter without the guilt.

  12. AlexCanteen says

    Traitor nothing…SLC is the one place to go.

    Those counselor games got nasty a few times.

  13. Number of shirts on this blanket = 20 (some are repeats, I know). Number of shirts I was a part of = 10 (I think). Hello, partner in everything in life. This is a cute idea though. Woop woop.

  14. I love it!

    I may just copy your idea! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Oh that’s a great idea, love the blanket!

  16. A Martini Always Helps says

    That’s super cute, I love it!

  17. That is so cool!! I think I may try something like that myself! Great idea!


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