Peppermint Bark – Photo Essay Style!

I found an awesome recipe for Peppermint Bark from Simply Recipes, and decided to make it for Christmas Eve at Dave’s mom’s house. So tonight, I took the recipe for a test run (just in case) and decided to photo blog it, LittleSpoon style. ๐Ÿ™‚

I made both white chocolate and dark chocolate versions, so no your screen isn’t broken, I took pictures with both kinds of chocolate!

This was super easy, and besides melting the chocolate, it’s no bake!! I also fashioned my own double boiler out of a bowl and pot… will possibly be adding a real double boiler to my kitchen appliances soon!


  1. A Margarita says

    Pretty AND Yummy!

  2. Lacey, you read my mind! I just found this recipe that I’m making tomorrow night! Looks delicious.

  3. Yay for photo essays!

    And Yay for Peppermint bark. OMG that looks so delicious. You’re sending some dark chocolate my way right?

  4. freeandflawed says

    That looks delicious! I should try making it.

  5. Awesome! I need to put that on my food blog as a really easy Christmas gift (to bring to a party!)

  6. mmmm that looks so good!

    and “littlespoon style”. i love it.

  7. I’m a dork – the chips in the double boiler looked like corn. THAT would NOT be good.

  8. Oooh those look delicious!

  9. A Martini Always Helps says

    How cute!
    *laughing at the person who thought it was corn*

  10. Lovin’ the photo essay! That looks good, and no bake makes it sound ever better!


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