Dental Drama

As I was getting my gums hacked at teeth cleaned at the dentist today, John Mellencamp’s song “Hurt So Good” came on the radio. (Is he John Mellencamp now? Or is it John Cougar Mellencamp? John Cougar? John C. Mellencamp? J.C. – oh wait that’s an N’sync-er.)

How appropriate, right?

Dr. Jekyll — I mean the lovely dental hygenist who cleaned my teeth kept informing me of the following things:

  • I need to floss more (and by more, she means floss in general, because I never do.)
  • Brush my teeth better (yup)
  • and get rid of my tongue ring/get a plastic one (no and NO)

She cracked me up though. I have never had this hygenist before and the first 2 mins I was in the room she was telling me about the office gossip and how girls were ganging up on each other and trying to get this one to not like that one, etc. And then proceeded to turn to a picture of her baby and talk to it, because “it looks like he’s staring at her in the picture, so if she talks to it then maybe since he’s at home he’ll ‘feel’ that she’s thinking about him at work.” Oooook.

Obviously I liked this woman.

On a completely unrelated note, I was cruising around I Can Has Cheezburger today, and I LOVE this one:



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