Not-So Magic Bullet!

I’m a sucker for infomercials. Ronko Rotisserie, Space Bags, whatever, I love watching them. A few weeks ago I got the Magic Bullet, which is basically a glorified blender system with extra doo-dads and thingies. (Yes, thingies is the technical term.) I got it on eBay, and paid less for it than I would have in the stores. I use it once, and the blade breaks. Well obviously eBay’s return policy is slim to none, so I did what any honest girl would do. I took that shit to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and exchanged it for a new one!

“Miss do you have your receipt?”

“Oh no, I got it as a gift…”

“Oh that’s ok, as long as you have an ID, that’s fine.”


Anyway, a day later my boyfriend Dave is making mudslides for us (cause he’s awesome) and what happens after a few times? The freakin SAME BLADE breaks again!! !@#$%&*! Dave calls the Magic Bullet people and gets this woman who hates her job with the passion of one thousand suns. (Or whatever that saying is.) The ‘tude coming out this drone’s mouth was enough to cause snide comments to start sliding out of my mouth while Dave was on speaker phone with her. Well we finally got instructions on how to get the new part, and we’ll see what happens when that comes. But seriously, lady that works at Magic Bullet, if you hate your job so much, go work for Space Bags or something!

Received voicemail from Magic Bullet – am getting cross blade part shipped to me FOR FREE, since it was “purchased” less than a week before it broke.


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