Test Baby, Test Baby, One, Two, Three Four!!

So here starts my foray into blogging. Not that I haven’t blogged before, I mean I have a super awesome book review website with my friend Arielle, and I’ve had a live journal for years. But I wanted something slightly more mature, as I see LJ as being kind of juvenile. So here I plan to just write about the random stuff that flows a mile a minute through my mind. After seeing countless odd things on the subway, and being lucky enough to live in NYC, I’ve decided that it needs to go down on paper. Or on the paper that is cyberspace, since I am usually too lazy to keep up with an old fashioned pen to paper journal.

Today’s the first day of Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I leave work early today (because I don’t get enough vacation time to take off) and coworkers always ask what exactly takes place during Jewish Holidays? I’m a bad Jew; we don’t go to temple. But we go to someone’s house, and eat and drink our faces off. And in all honesty, some people may not like the fact that my family doesn’t go to temple. In my opinion, spending the holiday with my family means more to me then spending time in temple, since we’re not religious. I don’t really have any basis to back that up on, only the fact that I would be bored out of my skull at temple, since I would have no clue to whats going on (bad Jew) and celebrating with my family in our own way has far more significance to me.

I promise that my blog is not going to be about the life of a (super) reformed Jewish girl. The first post just happens to fall on this day, so that’s what you get!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere with this new project of yours!


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