Warning: This Book Will Make You Ugly Cry

OMG this book. Go. Read it now.

Ok let me back track. I was given a copy of Breathe by Kelly Kittel to review. Going into the book I knew that it was the memoir of a woman who lost two sons in the span of nine months. Already sounds horrible, right?

Kittel has a way with words that sucks you right in. At first I was making faces because I thought she was a little to hippy-mom for me, but she writes with a great sense of humor and self deprecation. And you want to shake the crap out of her meddling in laws from the very beginning.

Once the terrible stuff starts to happen, you won’t be able to keep the tears from leaking out of your eyes. I was legit sobbing my face off on the couch reading while Dave stared at me with a worried look on his face. I’m pretty sure a book has never made me cry before. Especially not big ugly shoulder shaking tears.

Those tears soon turn to rage as the legal battle between the Kittel’s doctors and then their own family kicks off. You won’t believe how a family can turn on one another and unfortunately the meddling in laws are no exception. It’s revolting.

I really enjoyed Breathe regardless of the ugly crying. It was heartfelt, moving, raw with honesty and downright terrifying at times.


I was given a copy of this book free to review. All opinions are my own. 


[Insert usual spiel about lack of blogging here]

Yeah it happened again. No posts since March. Oh well. To be honest, I’m in kind of a funk that I can’t really lift and not even sure if I want to continue writing on this little slice of the internet. I yearn to write. I itch for it sometimes. But then I look at my laptop and a cloud of dread comes over me. Like I don’t have the energy to summon up a post. Maybe some free flow thoughts will start the juices going…

Is blogging dead? I feel like my reader (Google Reader RIP) used to overflow with posts on a daily basis and it was all I could do to keep up. Now it’s barely a trickle. Is it the type of blogs I read? Maybe just non-niche blogging is dead? I miss when people just wrote about their lives or whatever floated into their brains and didn’t have to fit into a neat little category.

I really wish I could get out of this funk. I have no idea why I’m in it to be honest. I have a lovely home. My daughter is happy and healthy. My relationship with my husband is great. My job, although crazy busy, has been so wonderful these past few months, and such a relief from my last job. So what gives? I wish I knew. Well, I do know its a little bit of “the grass is always greener” syndrome, which I constantly remind myself not to get buried in. People portray their lives how they want them to be perceived and a lot of the time that’s all sunshine and rainbows. I find myself having to take a step back and remember that people’s lives aren’t perfect and to stop the green headed jealously monster in its tracks.

I also wish I stuck with running more during the winter. I am so out of shape again and have a 10k looming over my head at the end of June. Every run I have sucks. Well, a bad run is better than no run, right? But still, it’s all very discouraging.

Every time Dave and I finish an episode of Game of Thrones I yell at the TV. “I HATE THIS SHOW!” Why? Because it’s too damn short. I’d be much happier if each episode were like a movie. I also want to read the books, but every time I open one my eyes start glazing over at the language.

I’ve come to the realization that I barely have any friends. Let me rephrase. I really don’t have a lot of friends that I’ve carried over from earlier phases of my life. Yes my two best friends date back to elementary school, and I have two good friends from college, but I feel like I’m a loser when it comes to friendships. I’ve written about this before and the sucky feelings and doubts still plague me to this day. I did have a big realization recently though – that many, many of Dave’s friends are my friends. As in, I can hang out with them on my own, without him, and it’s not looked at weirdly or is awkward in any way. And I cherish that.

Sadie continues to be the cutest kid of all time. She is talking a mile a minute, and has such a wonderful personality. And man, can she break hearts! Now if I want to leave the area she’s in and she doesn’t want me to she says, “Don’t leave me Mommy!” Stab wound, straight to the heart!

Will I continue writing here? Who really knows… I do have some reviews and stuff coming up, but the fire isn’t really there anymore…

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