Preserving Sadie Memories

Well it’s nice seeing some people still want to read this drivel! ;)

This blog has served as sort of a half-assed baby journal… it’s a nice place to come back and read about Sadie back when I was doing monthly updates. Definitely not something I’d keep up now, but at least I can jot down some stuff from time to time, so I am able to come back and remember later on.


Sadie’s daycare photo


Is now just over 2 1/2, or 32 months old, for people who still do that count by months thing. (I think I gave that up after 18 months.) She is fantastic.

Can count to 20. Kind of. Sometimes.

LOVES to sing, and some of her favorite songs besides Let it Go (obvs) are Shake it Off and All About That Bass. She also loves the KARS for KIDS commercial. Which is weird, but whatever. She also knows most theme songs to her favorite shows. Which means she’s watching too much TV… whoops.

Is very into Disney princesses, but also has a major thing for How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, and loves “Tooth-a-less”.

Always wants to go under tunnels and asks if we can turn left or right while we’re driving. Now that everything is covered in lights and smothered in tinsel for Christmas, she loves looking at the decorations through the window, and asks if we can see them too.


Me and Tinkerbell

Is continually amazed that Apple the Elf (her Elf on the Shelf) turns up in a different spot each morning, and found her at her grandparent’s and aunt and uncle’s house when she stayed there.

has a new thing where she tells us that she needs us.

“Mommy! I need you!”
“Sadie, what do you need me for?”
“I just need you!”

Also inserts “for awhile” into sentences, whether it makes sense or not. And I love it.

Calls the refrigerator is the “refligalator”. And I try to make her say it on purpose, cause I think its so dang cute.

Can charm the pants off me one minute, and then frustrate me to hell the next. She’s definitely not a terrible two, but she knows how to push buttons and I find myself gritting teeth and taking deep breaths at least once a day.

Yells at Dave to stop playing the “pinano”. But also asks him to play it sometimes, and plays with him.


Putting the star on the tree with Daddy!

Likes to help Dave and I get dressed, since we help her get dressed. She’ll pick out our shirts, but calls them dresses.

Loves to make herself laugh, and also make us laugh. She’s got quite a personality! She’s also extremely sociable, and has yet to go through a major shy stage or have stranger issues. I joke that I could pass her off to a bum on the street and she wouldn’t care.

Is still a petite little thing. She could still rock 24 months pants because she’s so narrow, but needs 2T for the length!

Has been potty trained since the summer!

Has been sleeping in a big girl bed since Thanksgiving weekend!

Was watching Dora the other day (I loathe Dora) and bandits were trying to steal horses. Or something. She kept saying the “band-aids” were going to take the horses. Those dastardly band-aids. ;)

Loves taking care of her babies, and is a very sweet mommy. Gives us hope for future kids!

I’ve opened my blog dashboard so many times since my last post… opened, poked around, updated a few things, even opened up a new draft to start writing… and then I stop.

I stop because I don’t know where to start. Before this begins to sound all melodramatic, it’s not. I started a great job in January, Dave and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage in March, and Sadie is now 2 1/2 and although trying at times (as all 2 1/2 year olds are) she is a fantastic little girl.

I just don’t know where to start writing. What do I even write about anymore? I’m definitely not a blogger who fits into a nice little niche… I’m not a mommy blogger, I don’t focus solely on food, fashion, DIY or anything pigeonhole-y, as it seems blogging almost requires nowadays. I just want to write about the things in my life and in my head… but when it comes to actually sitting down and putting my fingers to the keys and thoughts on this blog… I almost get anxiety from it.

I hate to let this little space that I’ve had on the internet for 7+ years die, but I just don’t know where to pick up again.

If I still have any readers… is there anything you want to hear about? Otherwise… I just don’t know where to start.

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