Bejeweled, Bedazzled – My First Rocksbox

I’ve worked in dress casual environments for 7+ years now. With that kind of leniency, it’s easy to fall into ruts where I wear a uniform of jeans/leggings/t-shirt/sweater combos on repeat. At my last job, even though the environment was casual our staff was very young and at times being on the older spectrum I felt sorely out of place, as these girls were almost in like, competition to dress funkier or cooler than each other and here I was in TOMs, leggings and a cardigan/tank almost daily. #sadpanda

Back in 2014 I switched jobs – my current job is still casual, but at least 4/5 days a week I put some effort in. Besides giving a crap about makeup now I also try to focus on accessories, harking back to a goal I made New Years of 2014. My jewelry collection has grown quite a bit, but I get most items from cheapie stores like Old Navy, Forever 21, and a bunch of online retailers that I love.

Rocksbox (5)Then Rocksbox came into my life. Now I can rock fancy shmancy jewels and pay a fraction of the cost, send them back, get more, or buy them at a discounted rate. I’ve been describing it to friends as StitchFix, but for jewelry and you can actually wear what is sent to you without purchasing it!

How does it work? For $19 a month (or smaller amounts if you pay for more upfront) Rocksbox sends you three pieces of jewelry. As soon as you decide to return one box of jewelry, they’ll send you another, and return it, get another, return it, get another, etc! You fill out a style survey like on StitchFix and you can also curate a wishlist of jewelry you like on their site.

If you decide you want to own any of the jewelry they send, you keep it and they’ll charge your account. You also get a $10 “spend” each month which goes towards your purchase. For example – I bought those Trina Turk earrings in the center of the photo, which were $40. Rocksbox offers them at a discount of $30, and with my $10 spend I only paid $20 for the earrings.

I was really pleased with my first Rocksbox. The packaging is super cute and I really felt like I would have purchased each of the pieces I received on my own. I LOVED the Gorjana ring, but couldn’t justify the price, even with the discount. Maybe later? I kept the earrings, and the necklace was cute, but I’m really eager to see what I get next!

And guess what? You can get a month of Rocksbox for free! Just use the code perksofbeingajapxoxo :)

IMG_3428  IMG_3434IMG_3430

From left to right: Trina Turk Pyramid Stick Studs, Gorjana Elea Ring and House of Harlow 1960 Five Station Necklace in Sapphire Blue Faux Stingray

Disclaimer: I was given a free, three month subscription to Rocksbox. 

Training for a Half

A long time ago (like a year-ish) I trained for a 5k. I trained diligently and hard and I ran my first 5k. And then my 2nd 5k, 3rd, etc.

And then winter hit and I stopped running. Cause shit be cold here.

And I kind of stopped running altogether. But here and there I’d pop into a 5k. And somehow I ran a 10k last June (and did pretty decent for not training at all) and still dabbled in random 5ks throughout the fall and early spring.

And then I ran the Ladies First 5k (because, awesome medal!) at the end of March with my bestie Allison and I SUCKED. Yes, it was cold and windy as hell but I could barely run a mile. In fact, I ran a mile, and then ran/walked/huffed/puffed the last 2 miles to the finish. MAJOR SUCKAGE. I felt good that I did it, but felt horrible that I had fallen so far from where I once was. And I had to do something about it.

So here I am. Back to training. And not just training for a 5k again. Oh hell no. I had to go balls deep and decide to train for a 10k – to do it right this time. And then I’m running a 10 miler after that. And just for shits and giggles, let’s run a half marathon! (HOLD ME.)

So right now that’s where I am. I’m on week 5, day 3 of Couch to 10k training and while it’s slowly getting easier to get back into the swing of things, it certainly isn’t like riding a bike or whatever that analogy is. This shit is HARD. In addition to training, I’ve got a number of races coming up too:

I’d like to pick up another run or two in between the 10k in June and next 5k in August, so I’m keeping my eyes out for those.

I’m going to try and update this about my progress, setbacks, and general running shenanigans. I love seeing what other runners are doing/using/going through, so why not share my own story? (And maybe keep me more accountable!)


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