Do you wanna build a snowmannnnnnn????????????

Hope everyone is safe and warm from the northeast snowstorm!


Sadie’s snowman from our mini snowstorm this weekend


On being the most anti-social, social person ever, and other word vomit

People always laugh when I say I’m anti-social. How could I be? I’m on social media (excusing my hermit-like state for the last few months), I’m always on Facebook, my calendar is filled to the brim with social commitments… and I work in events! Well it’s true. I’d much rather be in my house, on my couch, watching TV or reading a book than out half the time. If I say yes to plans with someone I’m initially excited but as it becomes closer to the actual time to leave, I dread it.

It’s not even like I dread seeing the people I’ve made plans with, or doing whatever it is I’ve planned. It’s the idea of leaving the house. Getting in the shower, getting ready, leaving to travel to wherever it is we are going, etc.

It’s even worse if I am heading to a social situation where I don’t know anyone or very few people. I went to a Nintendo 3DS event a month or so ago and it was a disaster. First off, the Nintendo events in the city aren’t like in other cities – in Chicago, LA, etc there are like, concentrations of bloggers that are friends. Not in NY. (I feel like this is generally the case for the NYC blogging scene as it is, but that’s a different tale for another day.) Anywho, I get invited to a 3DS event and ask if I can bring Dave with me. It’s in the city and on a weeknight, but I can prob get a babysitter. The new marketing company for Nintendo (#RIPBrandAboutTownPartnership) didn’t get back to me until late and by then it was too late for Dave to come. So I schlepped into the city on my own and went. And it wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t great. I’m not a natural connector. For someone with so many connections, I am not someone that people gravitate to naturally. I tend to be quiet and reserved with new crowds. If I have a friend or someone I know by my side I’m a bit better, and sometimes I really shine, but generally I’m uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do with myself.

The Nintendo and marketing team staff made a great effort to involve me and talk to me, and I had some great conversations with them. But when it came to connecting with the other brand ambassadors? Fail. Big time fail. I don’t know why I suck so bad at it, but I’m seriously the worst schmoozer ever.

Ughhh. I get annoyed at myself for this crap. Half the time I’m just too tired to want to go to wherever it is I have plans. The other half of the time I just “what-if” and scenario myself to death, and basically force myself into a place where I’m dreading the upcoming event.

I have a general goal to push myself to live more in the present, vs what-if-ing myself into the future … but its hard to make that a reality vs  just a goal. And it sucks because I wind up not enjoying myself and then lamenting everything about it afterwards. Sadie’s 1st birthday party? All I could think about were the things that didn’t happen vs enjoying and relishing the fact that we just celebrated her 1st birthday with all our friends and family. And that SUCKS.

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