Friday Favorites v1

Let’s share from Friday Favorites, shall we?

I’m obsessed with this Legos cartoon. I LOATHE the girl Legos. Why can’t Legos just be freaking generic? I mean really, any toy… I only buy Sadie something pink or girly themed if it’s cheaper haha. Click the picture for the full comic – that’s just a small portion of it.)


On a side note, I was in Toys ‘R Us (aka hell on earth) and there was a family in front of me cashing in some gift cards from Christmas. There was an older girl and a younger boy and the girl was getting like, Spiderman toys, an Iron Man mask and some other stuff. Her little brother started pestering her about buying “boy toys”. Luckily the mother said she could get whatever she wanted, but I wanted to be like, “those aren’t BOY TOYS… those are action figures/comic book toys/whatever. I loathe the gender specific categories we’ve lumped toys into. Unless the toy is made for your penis or vagina (which would be very, very strange) I don’t think a toy should be for a boy, or a girl. They’re for whoever wants to play with them!!!

/end rant

This Cherries on Snow candle smells FANTASTIC. I got it on clearance after Christmas and just started to light it now that I finished a cinnamon scented one and put away my beloved Christmas Wreath candle for next year. My house smells like delicious cherries (why they are on snow I have no idea) and I love it!!

My new curling wand is the bessssssssssssssssssst!!! When I cut my hair, I went out and got a curling iron, but I am completely inept and using it. Something with the clamp and dents in my hair – I don’t know. My coworker told me to get a curling wand and ta-daaaaaaaaaaa! Now I can curl my hair with the best of them. I love the one I got and it is super cheap! And I don’t feel like an idiot using it!

I’ve gotten very into YouTubers recently. I was looking for a tutorial on how to curl my hair (because again, I = inept) and found one from Meghan Rienks that helped me a lot. And then I fell down the rabbit hole that is her channel. I can’t really explain why I’m obsessed with her, but I am. And then I started subscribing to a whole bunch of other YouTube channels. Hello, my name is late to the party. What’s yours?

Have you read this about telling lies on Facebook? And everyone should start following it. Same goes for Instagram too!

Also – EBATES!!! #latetothepartyround2! I’m obsessed! And already made like $20 after a month of using it! Why haven’t you signed up already?


(yes, some affiliate links. ta-da!)

Sorry! Don’t mean dis…

Scene: Parking lot outside of Sadie’s daycare. I am trying to rush around to get Sadie and her crap out of the car and into daycare quickly so I can make it to work on time (for once).

I run around to the passenger side of the car to open her door and get her out. Door is locked. That’s weird. I popped the locks to all doors when I got out of the car. Open front passenger side door no problem, hit button to open all door locks again. Shut the car door and go to open Sadie’s again. Still locked. WTF?

Go back to front passenger side door and open again. Check all door locks and see they are open. Look back at her door from inside the car and see that the lock is pushed shut. Manually open her lock from the inside, close the passenger door and go to her side of the car again.

From outside the car as I’m about to open the door I see a sneaky little black sequined boot reaching up towards the door lock. Realize that my angelic child pushed the lock closed with her foot and has been repeating this process each time I’ve popped the locks on her door to go and get her out.


Tell Sadie “Don’t do that! Mommy can’t get you out of the car if you do that! Do you want to be trapped in the car?” (Because might as well instill fear into the child whenever possible.)

“Sorry Mommy… don’t mean dis”. (Her standard apology – that she didn’t mean it.)

Sigh… parenting.

Was pretty funny when I thought about it later. ;)

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