Ripping the Band-Aid Off

Ripping the Band-Aid Off | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.comI’ve made no secret of my issues with anxiety. While I may not write about it as much when I’m having good swings versus when I’m in the doldrums it is still always present. Lurking under the surface of a good day/week/month just waiting to pop its ugly head out and wreak havoc on everything.

<– That photo? It’s an actual Post-It Note I have on my cubicle wall (and now on my home office wall.) It’s a reminder to stop putting things off in order to avoid dealing with them. When I “rip the band-aid off,” metaphorically speaking of course, I am telling myself to deal with whatever is in front of me right away.

I was the Queen of Procrastination. I held that title for the longest time ever and for as long as I can remember. I use this note as a reminder to JUST DO IT (to quote Nike.) Honestly my days go so much better if I just tackle the task, project, email or phone call in front of me and not put it off. The more I put it off the more I stress about it. Putting things off actually don’t help me any by not dealing with whatever it is, it makes things worse for me.

I also recently applied this Post-It Note reminder to social situations. For someone who has been in social jobs for over a decade (working in a hotel, event planning) I am NOT good when it comes to putting myself out there. Especially if I am supposed to go to something alone where I don’t know anyone I have a bad habit of canceling at the last minute to avoid going.

Last week I was invited to a Yelp Elite event at DirtyBurger. I wasn’t allowed to bring a plus one so I headed out on my own. I got to the restaurant, parked my car, got out of the car, walked up to the storefront… and then walked back to my car. I was having so much anxiety about entering this place on my own that I actually got back inside the car and sat there for awhile, contemplating just starting the car and heading home. Finally I just said to myself, “Just GO INSIDE. If you hate it and you don’t talk to anyone you can leave in 30 minutes. Rip the band-aid off!” I forced myself to walk back up to the restaurant and open the door.

And I had a good time. Granted the first 15 minutes or so were totally painful where I just kind of stood around awkwardly but then I started talking to some people, get involved in conversations and had a really good time until the end of the event. My self imposed 30 minute window came and went.

The next time I am geared up to go to an event by myself I know the same thing will happen – my anxiety will get the best of me and I will hem and haw before heading inside. But by reminding myself to rip off the band-aid, I also remind myself of all the other times where I was dreading doing something, putting it off or being completely anxious about it and pushed through and did it anyway.  And so I came away with these takeaways:

Rip the Band-Aid Off | Perks of Being a JAP |

Do you struggle in social situations or stress yourself out by putting things off? I’d love to hear about your experiences and how you cope.

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Sadie-isms 2

It’s been about five months since I shared some of the most recent Sadie-isms here. I’m telling you this girl gets sillier and sillier each and every day. Not only is she a ham and always making funny faces and getting into shenanigans but she has an insane vocabulary that she occasionally bungles up. She’s also quite the negotiator and has an imagination that won’t quit. Instead of sharing little things she does like I have previously I decided to share verbatim conversations because then you’ll really get an idea of this little girl bringing laughter into our lives.

Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP |

Coming out of her room for the umpteenth time after we put her to bed.
Me: What is it Sadie?
Sadie: Ummm.. I just wanted to say something.
M: Ok what?
S: Umm… I think everyone is beautiful and I love them all!
M: Thank you Sadie… everyone loves you too.

A bug flies at her.
S: AHH! A bug!
M: It’s ok, you know they can’t hurt you.
S: Well, bugs are not my favorite. Only butterflies… and unicorns.

Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP | Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP |

Kept referring to our Airbnb apartment in Greece as the “fire apartment.” We were so confused to why Sadie kept calling it that and then we realized she was only familiar with the term fire DEPARTMENT and had no clue what an apartment really was. She’s maybe been in one or two in her lifetime?

M: Sadie are you excited? You start soccer tomorrow!
S: Yeah and basketball!
M: You’re not doing basketball.
S: Well, I’m still excited for it.

Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP |

S: (Sees a pile of streamers in the spare room/craft room) – Are those for my birthday?
M: Well your birthday passed.
S: I need pink stringers for my birthday.
M: What?
S: Pink stringers! (Points to the streamers)
M: Oh.. streamers.
S: Yeah, pink stringers.

S: (Dancing around the door of my home office for the 5th time)
M: Sadie, if you don’t let me finish my work I can’t come downstairs to play with you.
S: I needed to tell you something.
M: Okay, what is it?
S: It’s just a small conversation.
M: … Okay.
S: Well… I want to play with my sponges instead (of another toy.)
M: Okay, well go downstairs and play with something else first and when I come down we’ll do one.
S: Okay so you’ll be blue and I’ll be orange… or I’ll be pink and you be blue… or…

Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP | Sadie-isms | Perks of Being a JAP |

After being told to wait for dessert.
S: Mommy! I suggested already!
M: What?
S: I’m done suggesting!
M: You mean you’re done digesting?
S: Yeah I’m all sti-gested.

Joking with Sadie that I was going to squish her:
S: You can’t squish me!
M: Oh yeah?
S: If you squish me all the blood would come out of me!

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