Microblog Mondays

In an effort to fill this little slice of the blogosphere more, I’m participating in Microblog Mondays, as originally seen on Non Sequitur Chica‘s blog (hi!).


I have been SO TIRED recently. Insanely tired. More so than normal. (I’m always tired.) I don’t know what’s up, especially since I’ve been eating right and working out pretty diligently. I’m off for a physical on Wednesday to see if I can get an answer. Maybe I’m deficient in a vitamin or iron or something?

We got a pool! One of those large, inflatable ones with the filter and everything. Bought it off a girl on Facebook (who randomly knew an ex bf of mine – FB is so freaky like that) and it’s been great… for Dave and Sadie haha. I’ve yet to step foot into it. #workingmomprobs

Brussell sprouts are my new jam – roasted, with a little vinegar or oil… OMG so good. Veggies I’d never eat as a kid! Although I don’t think my mom (or dad?) liked them so maybe I just never had them in the house?

I went shopping by myself last Saturday when Sadie was at the beach with my aunt and Dave was playing his nerd card game with his friends. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I can’t remember the last time I just cruised the mall by myself.

Back to another work week!



Friday Favorites v.3

Another Friday, and some other favorites! (some of these are old since I’ve been updating this post since MONTHS ago, but I still love them so it’s fine. IT’S FINE!)

After we finished Better Call Saul we needed something new to watch and jumped into the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. OMG this show. We couldn’t stop laughing and I’m dying for the next season. I love every character on it. The lines are amazing and I’ve loved Jane Krakowski since her Ally McBeal days.

And Pinot Noir? DYING.

And the theme song is just so damn catchy!

I switch back and forth between lotions for what I put on my face and body. From my YouTube beauty perusing I learned about First Aid Beauty, and picked up the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I love this lotion! It’s super light and dries cleanly, without my skin feeling oily after applying.

I just got the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel stuff on a whim and so far so good! My manicures usually chip almost immediately, but I don’t want to spend money/put my hands under UV all the time for a salon gel manicure. Right now I’m two days chip free, and it is super easy. I bought my first color in Malibu Peach. That and the top coat and I’m good to go!

Have you bought into the cult that is LUSH? OMG. Every so often I’d get a LUSH gift box or something for a holiday but never personally made a purchase. Well I changed that this weekend in a BIG WAY. I bought like, 3 bath bombs (LOVE) and this Ocean Salt Scrub that made my skin feel like the softest thing ever. I seriously almost had a religious experience in the store when I tested it on my hands and immediately felt how soft my skin was. Cue the angels singing!!!!!!!!!! So good – can’t wait to use the shit out of it!

The awesome cashier also saw some of the bath bombs I was getting and had me test Ro’s Argan body conditioner – OMG the smell is amazing and it’s a lotion you put on in the shower. She was so nice she gave me a sample! Thanks cashier who’s name I forgot!

I’m also really into this Color Me Calm Zen coloring book to help me when I’m anxious, or just to zone out. Some nice color pencils, a comfy couch and I’m goooooooood. I also like to pretend I’m artistic when I’m actually not, so this is a nice way to fake it. 😉

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