Five on a Friday 8.18.17

Happy Friday! I swear this week was so long but so short at the same time! Regardless I am SO looking forward to the weekend!


We have a new family member – Alexa! Hahah. I got an Amazon Echo and it’s been set up in our house for about a week or so. Sadie loves to have Alexa tell her jokes and play songs from Frozen. She also decided one day that Alexa needed a face!

Alexa's New Face | Perks of Being a JAP |


A benefit of living so close to the beach is that we can decide on a whim to go and enjoy what we call Night Beach! We load up with chairs, cheese, wine, snacky foods and toys for Sadie and head over to the bay. The sunsets are amazing.

Tobay Sunset | Perks of Being a JAP |



Who is this girl and how did I (and Dave) create such a gorgeous creature? She seriously gets stopped everywhere we go. I have thought about sending her pictures to an agency but honestly with working full time being able to run to castings and stuff just isn’t an option. There is one local agency I may try, we’ll see.

Sadie Faye | Perks of Being a JAP |


Last weekend the weather was so nice so I took my book outside and hung out on the deck for a few hours. I actually took a nap out there too! It was glorious and the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Weekending | Perks of Being a JAP |


Dave and I totally watched the leaked episode of Game of Thrones. SO GOOD. Yes, we have to wait another week for the next episode but I don’t care.


Happy weekend!

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A Glimpse Into my Daily Planner | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.comI feel bad that I haven’t been blogging regularly, but by the time I get home from work and am ready to sit down at my computer, I’m wiped.

I have so many things that I WANT to do but am too tired to do them. I NEED decompression time and if I am constantly on the go, I feel like I can’t relax.

Work is from 8-5 and by the time I get home it’s close to 6 pm. Then is dinner, time with Sadie, bedtime ritual and by the time all is said and done it’s after 8:30. I’m in bed around 11 the latest and then it’s on repeat the next day.

How do you get it all done? How do you make time for work, kids, cleaning, blogging, chores, exercise and relaxation? Seriously, someone tell me.

I have a planner. I use Google Calendar. I write out lists. But when push comes to shove I just don’t have the energy (or time) to get it all done!

And yes, I have had bloodwork done to make sure I don’t have any deficiencies that would be making me tired. I’ve honestly been tired for as long as I can remember!

How do you get things done? What are your fool proof ways to check the boxes off on your to-do list without feeling like you don’t have any time for yourself?

Or is it just me?

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