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This is a monthly feature I’m starting where I share the things that have captured my attention – podcasts, music, TV shows or movies, books, etc.

Listening, Reading, Watching | Perks of Being a JAP |

This month I’m Listening To:

The Broken Harts podcast from Glamour. This podcast broke my heart. (No pun intended.)

The Harts were a caucasian couple who adopted six African American children. They were a bit of a sensation after a picture of one of their children, Devonte, went viral while hugging a white police officer with tears streaming down his face. The family sadly perished after their van plummeted off a cliff. What seemed to be a tragedy turned into something sinister as suspicions people had about Sarah and Jennifer Hart and their family came to the surface, and the podcast dives deep into how the mothers used social media to portray this picture perfect family and themselves as the saviors to these poor children while what was happening behind closed doors was far from perfect. It’s a gripping tale and a short podcast (only eight episodes) so you can binge it quickly.

I’m Reading:

This is a Sadie favorite!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a gorgeous book. It’s basically an ode to amazing women with 100 stories and beautifully illustrated photos (by women.) Sadie got this book as a gift years ago but is just really starting to enjoy it now. It’s a bit pricey for a book but an amazing gift to give to a young girl. There is a 2nd volume that I’m going to add to Sadie’s birthday wishlist – we’re almost done with the first one!

I love buying Sadie books with a girl power theme, or books that promote STEAM. Recommendations are welcome!

I’m Watching:

While we were on vacation in Mont Tremblant we were rarely in the room, but when we were there wasn’t much on TV. One day I stumbled onto Discovery and MythBusters was on – and Sadie was hooked! She thought it was the coolest thing and Dave and I love it – we used to watch it all the time back in the day.

They now have so many iterations of the show, and even a MythBusters Jr.! Sadie likes the old school versions but I want to watch a Jr episode with her to see if she likes it.

What are you listening to, reading and watching?

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February Goals Update & Goals for March

At this point, if you’re a regular reader, you have seen how crazy my February was and how much I was away from home. Therefore it should be no surprise to anyone that I FAILED MISERABLY AT MY FEBRUARY GOALS.

Monthly Goals | Perks of Being a JAP |

As a reminder, I set both yearly goals and have been setting monthly goals for myself. Here’s how (badly) I did:

Use a face mask once a week (at least) – I did this once. I don’t even remember what mask I used… I think it was a Nugg mask? I do use a Lush Cup O’ Coffee mask often to wake up my under eyes but I don’t really count that as full face masks.

Fix five things – BIG OLE FAIL. I actually tried to fix my favorite American Eagle jeans that had ripped at the thigh but it failed after one more wear. The “To Fix” drawer is still full. ๐Ÿ™

Drink water every day – I’m actually going to give myself a decent mark on this one. When I was home or at work I made sure to drink at least 40oz of water every day. HOWEVER, I’ve learned when I am not stationary or I don’t have a decent water bottle with me this goal is harder to hit. So I’m going to make sure to have a good bottle with me at all times. (I love this one, but need a travel one I can throw in a bag too – something like this?)

Don’t let the house get crazy – Ehhhh small pass. The house wasn’t TOO crazy and I definitely helped myself by keeping on top of the laundry throughout the month and my crazy travel schedule. Still need to do a deep clean though!

Now onto March goals and hopefully better results!

March Goals:


Try to accomplish some of the February goals I missed – Mainly fixing five things and continuing to drink water daily.


Make something โ€“ I like to think that I’m pretty creative but I don’t have an outlet (outside of this blog.) While I’m not very artistic I like to make things with my hands so I want to make something. I love making macrame bracelets and I purchased this subversive cross stitch book and supplies awhile ago but haven’t touched them.


Organize my recipe binders โ€“ This is a relic from the pre-Pinterest days but I put recipes I have tried/want to try from magazines (and print outs) into binders separated by categories. I have to go through the binders and weed out old recipes I haven’t made/don’t want to try anymore and add in some new categories like InstantPot recipes, etc.


Institute Game Night โ€“ We love playing games but don’t do it often enough! We have always talked about having Game Nights but haven’t put it into practice. While our schedules won’t allow for them often, I want to try. We were able to sit down and play Zingo with Sadie last week and had a great time!


Try Yoga with Adriene – I have heard a lot of good things about the YouTube yoga program with Adriene and want to give it a shot!


Pause before speaking in anger/frustration – I have a bad habit of letting emotions get the best of me, and I speak out while in that state of mind and often regret it. I want to be able to remind myself, in the moment, to stop and think about what I am about to say before I say it.

How did your February goals go? Did you set new ones for March?

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