Five on a Friday 3.16.18

I am SO excited it’s Friday because that means tomorrow I FINALLY get to go see HAMILTON! AHHHHHHHHH! I bought the tickets back in the summer and it’s finally here!! Here’s Five on a Friday!


Have you all heard of the Cinncinati reporter Bob Herzog? He has started doing this bit on Facebook called Wake Up and Makeup where he films himself getting his TV makeup on a few minutes before he goes on air. He is just so genuine, hilarious and such a cute guy!


I am now ADDICTED to HQ Trivia! Holy moly. If you aren’t playing or know what it is, its a live game show (and it’s also on Android now – not just iPhone. The game is at 3pm EST and 9pm EST every day and you can win money if you get all 12 trivia questions right. It’s super addicting and I haven’t won yet, but I made it up to question eight the other day! If you want to play, you can use my code ‘laceybean83’ to sign up and I get a free life!


I started a recurring feature on the blog before I took my unofficial hiatus back in the fall – it was What I Bought on Amazon. I am thinking of bringing that back… does that series interest you guys? I know I love it because I am Amazon obsessed but what do you think? If I continue to keep it as a link up also, should I change the timing?

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I’m continuing on with the 21 Day Fix and eating well, but I think in a few weeks I may need to change it up. We have a lot of Beachbody videos in our house so we’ll prob switch to one of those or even back to Jillian Michaels but I have dabbled in the thought of start Weight Watchers. It most likely wouldn’t happen until after Disney, because I am going to eat all the things, but it’s been in the back of my mind.


HAMILTON!!! I am so excited. Dave and I are going for our wedding anniversary! We’re staying in the city in the theater district, having dinner at an awesome new restaurant I found and then HAMILTON and then I need to find a great brunch spot with a killer Bloody Mary. (Brunch necessity.) EEEK!


Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Sadie-Isms 3

It has been a hot minute since I’ve shared some Sadie-isms! Sadie is now almost six (hold me) and she such a spirited, funny, lovely little girl. And she still says the best things! Some of these are from a while ago, but they’re still good!

Sadie | Perks of Being a JAP |

Sadie, playing with Dave:
Rocka paper scissors and shoot! No, you have to be the paper. (When Dave chose rock and she chose scissors)

In a store:
Sadie: MOM – they have jelly beans!
Me: Do they?
Sadie: Was I joking??

Sadie | Perks of Being a JAP |

Sadie tells me something and I ask, “really?” And then she looks at me and says TRUE STORY.

Playing on the Wii U:
Sadie tells me that she is going to be my Mii character.
M: Then who should I be, if you’re me?
S: You be me!
M: Oh man!
S: Its okay Mom because I have BEE-YOU-TI-FUL hair.

Sadie | Perks of Being a JAP |

At a jewelry display in a store:
Pointing to a necklace – If you got one of these for me for my birthday, I would be surprised.

Around Halloween:
Trick-or-Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you care, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear!

Sadie | Perks of Being a JAP |

In the car:
S: Mom, play “A pair of jeans of my own”
M: What?
S: You know… (and sings her version of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson)
M: Ohhh.
She interprets “Billie Jean is not my lover” into “A pair of jeans is not my own”!

S: Mom!!! You forgot to put my smeller on!!!
She’s talking about the essential oils diffuser in her room.

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