Beating myself up over running

Oh running. Why are you such an evil mistress? Actually I’d equate running more along the lines of a frenemy. Stupid running frenemy.

I had to take a week off from training because I got crazy sick. I was in Atlanta for work in the middle of the month and was getting a cold towards the tail end of the trip. The plane ride home totally did me in and I was sidelined from running for just over a week with a cough, cold, sinus problems and inner ear issues. (My doctor – at my second visit – literally told me “sucks to be you”. That’s how bad I was.) Now that I’m finally feeling better I started training again and it sucks.

I hate that I’m a week + behind in my training schedule. And I hate that the week off totally did me in, and I struggle running for 10 minutes straight.

Why is it that when you have a bad run you beat yourself up over it? (Or is it just me?) Like, I ran 4 freaking miles today and yes I walked a bit more than I would have liked, but that’s four miles I wouldn’t have logged at all if I was still in bed sleeping. Why is the negative what is focused on more than the actual act of getting up and getting moving?

And to make matters worse, before I left for Atlanta I started experiencing some pain in my left foot. I can’t really determine what it is, but its a burning pain that comes and goes and feels muscular (or ligamenty?) Anyway, as much as I don’t want to go for fear of bad news I’m headed to my old podiatrist (thank god he’s cute!) to get it checked out. Fingers (and toes!) crossed it’s nothing too serious.


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#LoveGrowsHere – Keeping them Involved

Sadie is at an age where she wants to help with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even if its something I don’t need help with. And she actually started crying once because she wanted to help me and I literally wasn’t doing anything! Oh toddler fun!

A great place for her to help is our garden. We have three planter beds in the backyard and she’s great at helping water, dig when we are planting new fruits/veggies and harvesting all the goodies that bloom from our efforts. We also have some flower beds in the front of our house and wanted to keep Sadie involved with those plants as well.

With a lovely basket of Canterbury Bells from ProPlants and a willing helper, we had a lovely early spring evening of gardening. #LoveGrowsHere, if you will. 😉




Now Sadie loves checking on “her flowers” every time we leave or come into the house. It’s great that she feels so involved, and helped pretty up our front yard!


We also can’t wait until our fruits and veggies start blooming and we have DELICIOUS THINGS TO EAT!! And this On the Go Tote from Personal Creations is going to come so in hand when we start picking everything! And also for various trips to the local farmers market. 😉 Sadie loves a basket or bucket of any kind so I know she’s totally going to try and swipe it from me!


It’s super easy to put together and durable (and not to mention huge)! And I love the chevron patter and customization – no one can try to swipe this from us when we take it out!

Disclaimer: I was provided items from and for free to write about on my blog. All opinions are mine and yadda yadda yadda. :) 

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