Five on a Friday 4.13.18

Yesterday was actually my Friday – today I’m off from work because I got picked to chaperone Sadie’s class trip to the Children’s Museum! (The class moms do it as a lottery so everyone gets a chance – they’re fantastic!) As I’m out herding a bunch of five-year-olds, here’s Five on a Friday!


When I was sick right before our flight to Disney I was VERY nervous about my ears and pressure on the plane. My ears usually pop on flights without being sick/having ear infections and in no way did I want to be in pain for the trip. I flew back from Portugal in November while sick and the pressure was unbearable. I saw these EarPlanes on a Buzzfeed list (I think) and figured I’d give them a try. I wore them for the whole flight on the way to Florida and put them in right before we started to descend on the return flight. No pressure, no pain! Not even my usual ear popping. Definite travel game changer! (They also come in child size – would probably be great if your kid has ear pain on flights!)

EarPlanes | Perks of Being a JAP |


I feel like there is nothing harder than getting back into the swing of things after vacation. For me, it’s getting into the swing of things after two weeks of being sick/hospitalized AND vacation. The house is a disaster, laundry needs to be done, suitcases and other things still need to be put away… oh and our cleaning company who came once a month to tackle some areas for us called while we were away and told us they were closing. WAHHHHHHHH!!!



After seeing Hamilton last month I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat! Seriously it’s so amazing. I also replaced the screen lock image on my phone with this one – it’s such a great reminder to see every day. 🙂



I wish I could rest from vacation and heading back to work but this weekend is jam packed! Tomorrow Sadie goes back to dance (two classes), then we take her to a birthday party and hand her off to my parents so she can sleepover their house. Then Dave and I are heading into Brooklyn for a wedding! It’s his co-workers wedding and we’re staying the  night. But there’s no rest even on Sunday! I head straight to my cousin’s baby shower!! It’s gonna be a long weekend but I can’t wait.



If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’m featured on my friend Renee’s podcast! Her Wild Cozy Truth podcast is amazing, it empowers women and addresses so many different topics. On my episode, I open up about a toxic relationship I had as a teenager and the lasting effects it still has on me today. I’m very proud of how the episode turned out and how I am able to talk about that period of my life and how I used it to make my life into what it is today.

You can listen on any podcast app (Google Play, Apple Podcasts etc) or click here.


Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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What’s been going on…

So, I come back to blogging, and then poof – it’s quiet again for three weeks.


Basically to sum up, here’s what happened:

Started blogging again (yay!)

Was all excited to see Hamilton – it was AMAZING.

Had a fantastic night in the city with Dave.

Woke up the next morning feeling fine and then BOOM. Intense, insane abdominal pain.

Went to the nearest hospital and was there all day only to have… no diagnosis. (WAHHHHH)

Stayed home the next day from work, went to work on Tuesday and BOOM – more pain (different this time.)

Drive home, my mom picks me up and we meet Dave at the hospital… only to be there all day (again) and have no diagnosis (AGAIN!)

Work from home, and then I get smacked with a TERRIBLE head cold that literally knocks me down hard and gives me an ear infection (because I am five and still get them), congestion, aches and more.

Have a horrible lingering cold for another week and Disney trip is coming so it takes every ounce of my being to try and get better.

Go to Disney, luckily I’m pretty much back to normal, have a fantastic time.

SHEESH. Fun stuff right? I had absolutely no energy for the blog during those last two weeks – it took every ounce of energy just to function, but luckily I rallied in time for Disney and we had the BEST time.

In other news, I’m on a podcast!

My friend Renee had me on her Wild Cozy Truth podcast and I open up about an abusive relationship I had as a teenager and the lasting effects it still has on me today, but how I’ve used that experience to make me stronger and hopefully help other women (and men) out there in the same situation.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I hope you take a moment to listen!

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